Visit Corsica and Sardinia on this Private Luxury Travel Experience

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Visit Corsica and Sardinia on this Private Luxury Travel Experience

France, Italy

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10 days

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Unlock the ultimate island-hopping adventure with the best of Sardinia and Corsica!


Enjoy Your Holidays with the Best of Both Islands

Sardinia and Corsica are two of the most popular destinations for travel lovers globally. Most travelers have to choose between both islands, which are just 11km apart and separated by the Strait of Bonifacio. However, on this top-notch travel experience, you get to experience the best of both worlds. From the highly developed culture and history of Sardinia to the breathtaking beaches and stunning landscapes of Corsica, your senses will be captivated by the diverse offerings of these two islands.

Your journey begins with a stay at a luxurious villa in Sardinia, where you’ll relax and soak up the culture of this Italian island. The following week, set sail on a 7-day yacht adventure that takes you through the waters of Corsica and Sardinia, exploring the stunning scenery and beaches along the way.

We’ve taken care of all the details to ensure that your holiday is nothing short of perfect. From a luxurious villa and a superyacht to helicopter excursions and special performances, we’ve got you covered. Enjoy delicious meals created to suit your refined palate and let us create unforgettable memories for you. An adventure like no other!

Your travel schedule:

  • 3 days at a luxury villa in Sardinia
  • A 7-day yacht journey through the Islands of Corsica and Sardinia

Travel to Sardinia with JetKontor, Our Private Jet Charter Partner

JetKontor is one of the leading providers of private jet charters in Europe. With over 20 years of experience in aviation and a large fleet of private aircraft, you can be sure that they are well-equipped to fly you safely to Sardinia without any hiccups. In addition, they also ensure that you have a truly memorable flight by providing you with comfort and luxury that is difficult to access anywhere else. So start your holiday adventure on a high note by flying with JetKontor.


Yacht CURIOSITY is chartering for starting price of €135 000

  • 11.250 € per person

For your cruise through the Meditteranean, you will ride on Curiosity, a luxury superyacht.

This luxury superyacht is a rare combination of class and efficiency with an eco-friendly engine and a top speed of 16 knots. Stepping into this large sea vessel, you will be drawn to its unique decor, which reflects a fine blend of ancient architecture and modern styling. Also, you will be stunned by the level of comfort you will enjoy, thanks to the presence of several modern amenities onboard.

If you wish to have fun on this yacht, there are too many options. There are jet skis, water skis, paddleboards, and kayaks available to relax and have a great time alone or with your travel companions.

PAR EXCELLENCE gives away 10% of its partnership commission to customers as a discount.

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  • Villa Retal
  • Private events and performances
  • Wine tasting event & Wine Sommelier
  • Tasty cuisines
  • Yacht Charter
  • Jet Charter
  • Luxury Transportation
  • Security service

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Length – 45m
Beam – 7.54m
Gross tonnage – 320
Cruise speed – 12 knots


No. of guests – 12
No. of crew members – 6
1 master suite
1 VIP suite
4 regular suites



DAY 1 - Arrival in Olbia, Majestic Isle of Sardinia and relax at your Villa in marina Portisco


Welcome to Villa ALA, Villa provided by our partner.

On the northeast coast of Sardinia, lies villa Ala, a contemporary luxury villa for rent for a world-class coastal holiday in Italy.

This contemporary villa, located on the stunning northeast coast of Sardinia, is perfectly positioned between the dazzling Porto Rotondo and the elite Porto Cervo on the picturesque Smeralda Coast of Italy. It offers breathtaking sea views as well as direct access to a pristine white sandy beach that will leave you speechless!

Expertly designed by renowned Italian architect Ferdinando Fagnola, Villa ALA embodies luxury and elegance, seamlessly blending into its natural surroundings. With 24-hour security and a private cottage complex, you can relax in complete privacy and comfort.

Rates starting from:

  • 75.000, per week during low season.
  • 37.500 € for a Three Day Rental
    (3.125 € per person)

PAR EXCELLENCE gives away 10% of its partnership commission to customers as a discount.


Upon your arrival in Olbia, XS Travel Management will convey you to the Villa Ala, the luxury villa that we have provided. Perfectly designed to meet your needs and guarantee your comfort, our villa is strategically located near Sardinia’s best spots. You can quickly go from your residence to some of the city’s famous locations without much stress.

Every aspect of your stay at this Villa has been carefully considered, and provisions have been made to guarantee that you get the best on this luxury travel adventure. At your residence, we will organize private events featuring performances by Sardinia’s finest stars. We will also provide you with mouth-watering meals and wine-tasting experiences. Finally, household staff will be at your disposal 24/7 to attend to your needs, while our partners at Xtreme Security will monitor your Villa and ensure your safety.


DAY 2 – Enjoy Phi Beach, Fine Dining and a Helicopter Ride in Porto Cervo


The Ultimate Seaside Escape: A Journey to Phi Beach and Beyond

 On the second day, you will get to experience a lavish lifestyle located just steps away from your prestigious villa. Embark on a journey to the epitome of sophistication at the renowned Phi Beach, a gathering place for the crème de la crème. With its unrivaled location, Phi Beach offers its guests the ultimate seaside experience, complete with breathtaking sunsets over the stunning island of Maddalena. Savor the magic of the evening with delectable cocktails, gourmet cuisine, and electrifying music from international DJs. For those seeking a more intimate setting, private tables and terraces provide the perfect backdrop to revel in the beauty of Phi Beach.

Phi Beach Club provides chic dinners on the beach, serving an infusion of traditional yet contemporary Mediterranean cuisine before becoming an open-air party.

Nearby our helicopter charter is the restaurant Il Vecchio Mulino. It’s the perfect place to grab a bite either before or after your helicopter tour.

Helicopter Charters Available in cooperation with Starworksky

In addition to the numerous beautiful experiences on this trip, we are offering you the opportunity to travel around Sardinia with a helicopter courtesy of one of our partners, which leaves from near the Il Vecchio Mulino restaurant. You can see the island in a totally new light as you fly above its coastline and observe life in Sardinia from your helicopter.

Available tours:

  • 20-minute tour Cannigione and Baja Sardinia


  • 30-minute tour Costa Smeralda, Baia di Cannigione or Baia di Cannigione and Arcipelago di La Maddalena


  • 60-minute tour Costa Smeralda, Arcipelago di La Maddalena, S. Teresa di Gallura


DAY 3 - Gallura, Vermentino & Costa Smeralda

Let’s savor the taste of history on the third day of your tour in Sardinia.
On this epic adventure through time, you’ll explore the breathtaking granite wonders of Gallura: Arzachena, Palau, Porto Rafael, and Forte Cappellini.
Amidst these majestic rocks lies the birthplace of one of Sardinia’s finest wines.

Uncover the hidden gem of Sardinian wine with a journey to the lush vineyards of Gallura wine country.


Experience the warm hospitality of a family-run winery in Cugnana as you delve into the rich history and contemporary production of the region. Savor the distinct flavors of local wines such as Vermentino, Cannonau, and Millesimato accompanied by freshly baked Sardinian bread, olives, delectable Sardinian cheeses, and cured meats in the nearest restaurants.
Let our transportation partners
XS Travel Management take care of the details with convenient pickup from your villa.

Get ready to raise a glass and delight in the essence of Sardinian wine culture!

DAY 4 - Board the Yacht and Visit Budelli

Ahead of this cruise, our partners, XS Travel Management will drive you safely from your villa to the location where you will board your luxury superyacht. On this sea vessel, we have prepared several activities to keep you entertained. You will be treated to private events with special live performances, fantastic culinary experiences, and many other fun-filled activities. In addition to these activities, there is still so much more you can do.

As we set sail from Portisco Marina in our luxury yacht towards the captivating Corsica embark on an unforgettable adventure. Our first stop, the Maddalena Archipelago, will leave you in awe of its natural beauty, starting with the breathtaking Budelli Island.

Located off the northern coast of Sardinia, this 1.6 square km island is one of the most popular areas in the Maddalena Archipelago. Explore the Spiaggia Rosa, a beach that is well known for its characteristic pink-colored sands. Discover the iconic scenes, where the unique pink-hued sands are a true feast for the senses.

DAY 5 - Indulge in the breathtaking beauty of Palombaggia Beach (Corsica)

As we enter the island of Corsica, we now head to the paradise of golden sand and crystal-clear azure waters. This breathtaking beach is sure to make a lasting first impression on your Corsican journey like no other. With perfectly landscaped surroundings, you’ll be surrounded by a stunning landscape of towering pine trees and majestic red rocks that provide a cooling shade on those scorching hot days.

A favorite holiday destination for both locals and visitors, this stunning bay buzzes with energy during peak season. Stroll along the wooden bridge and bask in the stunning views of the glistening sea and its transparent waters, dotted with breathtaking pink granite boulders along the shore.

Soak up the sun and enjoy a slice of paradise as you take in the pure beauty of this unforgettable destination.

DAY 6 - Disembark at Porto Vechias

Port city of Bastia: the Corsican St-Tropez

Porto-Vecchio is a popular coastal town. The village has a cute village center with many nice restaurants and all kinds of (expensive) shops. But this place is small and very touristy. Porto-Vecchio is also called the Corsican Saint-Tropez. Half a day or an evening is enough to discover Porto-Vecchio, but to be honest: if you don’t have much time, skip Porto-Vecchio.

The fashionable city, sometimes known as the “St. Tropez” or Corsica, is a popular tourist destination, especially with Italians, and is the perfect destination to relax or to party.

Discover the Corsican mountains in 4×4

Explore the Ospedale forest, the Alta Rocca, the Aiguilles de Bavella and the Cuscionu plateau, passing through the authentic villages of the “Land of the Lords”.

To ensure tranquillity, then head off to one of the island’s remote coves or head up into the mountains and take in the beautiful and varied terrain. One of the many attractions of Porto Vecchio is its proximity to the glorious Alta Rocca mountainous region of Corsica. A short drive from the city will take visitors into the spectacular mountain of the region where activities such as hiking, rock climbing, fishing, horse riding, quad biking are possible.

If you love hiking, Aiguilles de Bavella will catch your attention for sure. This hill which links to the eastern coast of Corsica is an excellent place to take a long walk. In the “Needles of Bavella,” you will feast your eyes on the gorgeous rocky mountains surrounding the area from the Bavella Pass to the Punta Tafunata.


DAY 7 - Visit Bastia and Explore St. Nicolas Square

Kick off your Bastia adventure at the iconic Saint-Nicolas Square. This grand esplanade, one of the largest in France, boasts a prime location facing the ferry terminal and welcoming visitors from the mainland and Italy.

Throughout the year, the square bustles with activity, hosting events such as summer concerts, a winter ice rink, and the highly anticipated Salon du Chocolat, which attracts thousands of foodies annually in October. Sunday mornings are filled with excitement as well, as the square transforms into a bustling flea market.

Nestled among towering trees and surrounded by bars and restaurants, Saint-Nicolas Square is the perfect place to unwind with a drink on a sun-soaked terrace. You’ll also find the Cap Corse MATTEI boutique, where you can indulge in Corsica’s signature aperitif and fully immerse yourself in the local culture.

Admire the stunning, pay your respects at the war memorial, and enjoy musical performances at the bandstand – all while taking in the beauty of Saint-Nicolas Square.

Fine Dining at Chez Vincent

Chez Vincent is a long-standing local gem that boasts a prime location in the heart of the city. With a terrace perched at the edge of the citadel, diners are treated to breathtaking views of the port, making this restaurant an absolute must-visit.

The restaurant has built a reputation for serving some of the best pizzas around, but its daily specials are just as noteworthy. From expertly crafted French classics like mussels and juicy steaks to other delicious dishes, Chez Vincent offers a diverse and constantly evolving menu.

Not only is the food exceptional, but the warm and inviting atmosphere of the restaurant will make you feel right at home. Whether you’re dining solo, with friends, or with family, Chez Vincent is the perfect spot for a delicious meal and unforgettable memories.

So, if you’re looking for a great meal in a stunning location, look no further than Chez Vincent. Its reputation as a local favorite is well-deserved, and you’re sure to be impressed by its food, atmosphere, and views.

DAY 8 - Visit Sanguinaires Islands


Next, you’ll sail up to Corsica to visit the Archipel des Sanguinaires.
These islands, which are famed for their characteristic red rocks, are another excellent option to explore within Corsica. You can try visiting the Mezu Mare, Cormoran Porri, and Cala d’Alga as you tour the length and breadth of one of Corsica’s major attractions.

As another option, you can visit Scandola Nature Reserve

Identified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the 1900s, this nature reserve is considered one of the star attractions of Corsica. You have the rare opportunity to join many travel enthusiasts who have visited this place and witnessed the sheer beauty of its lush flora. As you move from one cliff to the next, you will undoubtedly be star-struck by the Scandola Nature Reserve’s relaxing atmosphere and rare sea creatures.

DAY 9 - Porto Torres, Sassari, Aghero

On the northwest coast of Sardinia is Porto Torres, a commune and city with gorgeous blue waters and lovely beaches. You can spend the day here, simply relaxing, swimming, and eating some delicious cuisine, or zou could visit Sassari and spend your afternoon, or evening time at Riservato Beach Bar at Algehro.

Riservato Beach Bar

As we prepare to set sail from Bastia, Corsica towards Sardinia, a pitstop at the Riservato Beach Bar is a must. This exclusive establishment exudes sophistication and elegance, serving as the epitome of luxury and refinement. Lodged in the heart of Alghero, this premier destination is for beach-goers, lounge enthusiasts, and nightlife aficionados. Open from sunrise, bask in the sun’s warmth on our plush sun loungers, each equipped with its own umbrella, as you soak in the breathtaking views of Capo Caccia. Recharge with a refreshing shower and enjoy a refreshing drink, served directly to your lounge or at the bar.

We will likely hop here at dinner and tantalize your taste buds with their delectable menu. You can also celebrate life’s most special moments, host corporate events, or tie the knot in style at the Riservato. All we can say is that the memories here will last a lifetime.


DAY 10 - Private Tour and Wine Tasting at Ferruccio Deianas Winery

Not too far inland from Cagliari, you can head to a fantastic winery. By choosing this private winery tour at Ferruccio Deiana’s winery, you will have the opportunity again to explore beautiful Sardinia through its wines.

Your experience will begin with a tour of the vineyards to discover which grape varieties are grown in the winery. Next, you will hear the story of the birth of the winery, founded in the late 1960s by Ferruccio Deiana, as you walk to the entrance of the winery.

In the winery, you will learn about the different winemaking techniques and, if visiting during the right time of the year, you will also be able to observe the grape harvest and processing. You will then move to the beautiful barrique cellar where, in addition to the nearly 300 barrels, you’ll be able to see the cellar’s archive of bottles.

Finally, you’ll pass through the small agricultural and enological museum located inside the winery, to then slowly arrive at the tasting room. Here you will taste a Rosato from Bovale grapes, accompanied by a delicious small plate of typical local products such as cheese and cold cuts. Alice, your guide and sommelier, will help you discover all the scents and secrets of these three very elegant wines.

After or prior your wine tasting experience you could step by and visit The Su Nuraxi di Barumini

This location traces its history back to 2BC during the Bronze Age. Its unique circular towers and inner creeks will offer you the most precise insight into ancient architecture. The Su Nuraxi di Barumini, which has now become a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is indeed a must-see on your trip to this Italian island.

As another option for your last stop you can visit Cala Gonone Aquarium in Dorgali

The Mediterranean Sea is teeming with abundant aquatic life, which you’ll be able to see from the Curiosity. Fortunately, you can learn more about these fascinating sea creatures on your visit to the Cala Gonone Aquarium in Dorgali, Sardinia. This aquarium is located at a park overlooking the Gulf of Orosei and is surrounded by several rocky mountains. You can stay indoors and explore its over 20 exhibition tanks with plants and marine animals or have fun in the outdoor area with your co-travelers.

DAY 11 - The End ( Portisco Marina, Sardinia)

Exciting times are ahead! We’ll be making our way back to the charming Portisco, where we’ll step off our luxurious yacht and return to the bustling Olbia airport.

Our trusted partner, XS Travel Management, will have a plush transportation vehicle ready to escort you to the airport in ultimate comfort. Sit back and enjoy the scenic view, as you are whisked away in style.

The Facilitations Partners

Here are some of our partners who will facilitate our travel:

XS Travel Management Excellent Air

XS Travel Management

XS Travel Management is one of Europe’s leading executive driving services. They provide affordable and quality transportation for high-value individuals who value their comfort and safety. They have an array of supercars and several highly-trained bodyguard drivers to ferry you to any destination of your choice.

XS Travel Management will provide luxury road transportation to individuals in our share-a-yacht holiday charter



Today, Fraser Yachts is the longest-standing full-service luxury yacht brokerage company in the world, with a legacy of high standards, integrity, and a passion for yachting shared by all its team members. The company has 17 branch offices in different locations worldwide, with teams over 170-strong, including specialists in over 50 key aspects of luxury yacht services, from ownership and construction to charter and crew placement.



JetKontor is an industry-leading service provider of private flights within Europe. This company has existed for over 20 years and is well known for providing top-class service to its clients. Their large fleet of aircraft gives you several options, and their highly skilled staff ensures you have the best experience on your journey. JetKontor will provide you with a private jet flight into Sardinia to kickstart your holiday experience.


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Visit Corsica And Sardinia On This Private Luxury Travel Experience