Romantic Cruise Travel Within Turkish Riviera

Romantic Cruise Travel Within Turkish Riviera

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Travel the Turkish Riviera on a Luxury Yacht

The Turkish Riviera, also known as the Turquoise Coast, is a picturesque stretch of coastline in southwestern Turkey. With its clear blue waters, pristine beaches, and ancient ruins, it’s no wonder that this region is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. If you’re looking for a unique and luxurious way to experience this stunning area, consider exploring it on a luxury yacht.

Cruising the turquoise waters of the Turkish Riviera aboard a luxury yacht offers an unforgettable experience. Imagine waking up to the sound of waves lapping against the hull, sipping coffee on a deck as you watch the sun rise over the Aegean or Mediterranean Sea. As you sail from one breathtaking bay to the next, you’ll have the opportunity to visit charming villages, explore ancient ruins, swim in secluded coves, and sample delicious Turkish cuisine.

Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a first-time yacht traveler, the Turkish Riviera is the perfect destination for a luxury sailing adventure. We offer two options for your vacation, each with their own yacht and set of stops. Let’s take a look at these two awesome choices.

Your travel schedule:

  • 3 days at a luxury villa or hotel in Bodrum
  • A 7-day yacht journey through the Turkish Riviera


  • Specialized bilingual guide
  • Private Transport
  • Luxury Villa Rental
  • Yacht charter
  • Helicopter charter
  • Jet Charter


-11 people

This luxury gullet is a beautifully designed and spacious sailor. With a length of 26 meters, this yacht offers ample space for up to 11 guests and four crew members. Water sports equipment are available, including a paddle board, water skis, a ringo and banana boat for 3 people, and a kayak.

The interior is tastefully decorated with traditional wooden furnishings, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The salon area features comfortable seating and a bar where you can relax and socialize with your fellow travelers. The spacious aft deck is perfect for dining, sunbathing, or simply enjoying the views as you sail from one stunning destination to the next.

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Charter Rates Include

  • All charter VAT, harbour and port procedures
  • Transit Log and related formalities
  • Mooring expenses
  • Crew service
  • Ship water
  • Diesel 4 hour cruising
  • Bed Linen & Bath towels
  • Use of equipment on board
  • Yacht insurance (personal travel insurance is advised)

Charter Rates Don’t Include

  • Full Board menu (soft drinks included), extra 55 euro
  • Harbour taxes and custom fees in foreign waters (Greece)
  • Airport transfers
  • The use of Jet-ski and water sports fuels

-8 people

In your floating home for the week, you’ll be able to enjoy the perfect combination of elegance and efficiency. This five-star castaway experience offers exceptional service and hospitality with its crew of three (captain, chef, and deck boy) and space for up to eight guests.

This boat has ample space for you to relax on deck and take in the beautiful waters of the Turquoise Coast with spots to bask in the sun. Inside you’ll find cozy cabins and a comfortable lounge area. This is the perfect choice for a luxury yacht adventure in the Turkish Riviera.

Charter Rates Include

  • Port charges, dues, and taxes imposed in Turkey
  • Transit log and agency expenses
  • Water usage
  • Free Wi-Fi in Turkish waters
  • Fuel costs in Turkish waters (maximum 4 hr daily cruise)
  • Bedding, furnishings, and bath/beach towels
  • Yacht insurance (personal travel insurance is advised)

Charter Rates Don’t Include

  • Food and beverage
  • Airport transfers

Your luxury villa stay prior yacht boarding and after disembarkation

You’ll spend the first three days exploring Bodrum area, by staying in luxury villas from our partner.

You have Two Options: 


Option 1

Welcome to K Villa, Villa provided by  our partner.

Villa K is a luxurious villa with a 38,000 sq mt (10 acre) private plot. From its windows you can admire spectacular view of a valley and the Aegean Sea in the background. Thanks to its convinient location in the geograpic center, it’s a perfect place to explore local area.
This Villa has five bedrooms and can sleep up to 10 people. It’s a perfect choice for smaller groups and families that value privacy.

In every room there is en suite bathroom and balacony/terrace. Additionally, guest can enjoy 90 sq mt saline infinity pool, open air gym, and enclosed pilates studio.

Price Per Night is 4.000 USD.

Option 2

Welcome to Luxury Villa K2, Villa provided by  our partner.

The Villa K2 is a perfect choice for those, who search for privacy for a group or family. The 300m2, two floors luxurious accommodation will bring your experience to another level. Three bedrooms have a sea-view, which you can admire, while relaxing on confortable bed. Additionally, you can enjoy the villa’s garden and private heated pool or relax in Jacuzzi on the balcony.

Price Per Night is 4.500 €

Sightseeing from Air

Before boarding your yacht you will have chance to explore Turkish Riviera from the sky directly from your villa.

Either by plane
or by Airbus H130 helicopter provided from our partner

With Maviar, you can enjoy the experience of an H130 helicopter with an air-conditioned cabin, accessed through two sliding doors that lead to comfortable, forward-facing seats so that you can relax and take in the view. You won’t feel cramped at all – spacious compartments for your baggage will accommodate your gear, while you enjoy the silent, almost vibration-free performance of this eco-friendly Heli and the amazing view afforded by means of it’s design.
Many type of tours are available:

Scenic Flights, Excursion Flights, Exclusive Flights, Adventure, Romatic Flights, and also a Transfers Flight directly from your villa to the airport of Bodrum, Izmir, Antlaya, and even flight to Crete, Mykonos, Santorini and many others.

Prices vary from 3.000 up to 6.000 € for tours, and fight transfers are available from 1.900 € already.

If you decide however to take a tour with a sea plane these two tours are available directly from LUJO:

1. Bodrum-Demre-Myra-Kekova Tour

The tour starts at 7 in the mornings and ends at 3 in the afternoon. It is a perfect choice for everyone who enjoy historical sight seeing. Flight duration takes around 65 minutes, depending on the weather conditions. You will be acompanied by a licensed guide who will present you St. Nicholas Church, take you to the antique city of Myra and Sinema. Meanwhile, you will also enjoy a Kekova Boat Tour.

Bodrum-Pamukkale Tour

You will be travelling with plane in minibus to discover antique city of Hierapolis and Cleopatra pool. During the trip you, a licensed guide will take care of you and other travellers. The maximum numer of people is 8.


DAY 1- DAY 3: Bodrum

Bodrum is a charming and vibrant city located on the Aegean coast of Turkey. Known for its stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, and rich cultural heritage, Bodrum is the perfect destination for travelers who are looking for a mix of relaxation and adventure.

Some of the must-see attractions in Bodrum include the ancient ruins of the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, the 15th-century Bodrum Castle, and the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology. When you’re not exploring the city’s rich cultural heritage, you can spend your days lounging on the beach, sailing, diving, or simply taking in the breathtaking views from one of the many hilltop cafes and restaurants. And when the sun goes down, Bodrum’s lively bar and club scene comes to life, offering endless opportunities for entertainment and revelry.

DAY 4 - Teştece Islands and Bencik Bay

From Bodrum you’ll hop aboard the yacht and sail to the Teştece Islands and Bencik Bay. At the islands you’ll be able to enjoy activities like diving, fishing, barbequing on the beach, horse riding, etc. Bencik Bay is a beautiful spot north of Dişlice Island where many yachts like to enjoy the gorgeous views of the Turkish coastline. One of the prettiest bays in the area, it is the perfect place to anchor and simply enjoy this corner of the world.

DAY 5: Emel Sayin Bay and Hurmalı Bük

Emel Sayin Bay is another lovely bay. It gets its name from a major Turkish classical singer, whose eyes were said to be the same color as the water. The nearby pine trees that cover the land offer a nice contrast to the rich crystal blue water. It is the perfect place to cool off in the water or bathe in the sun aboard the yacht.

After we’ll sail to Hurmalı Bük, another stunning spot. The deep blue waters and palm trees will make you feel like you’re in paradise—which you are.

DAY 6: Orhaniye Village

The next day, it is time to head to the village of Orhaniye. You’ll want to stay here forever. While you’re here be sure to take a stroll on Kızkumu beach, a sandbar that extends out into the ocean. The pier at Orhaniye is a great place to fish or if you’d rather have the fish served to you, you can visit one of the delicious restaurants nearby, including İncir Restaurant, Ekin Restaurant, Sakin Vadi Wine House, and Kızkumu Pide.

DAY 7: Turgut Bay and Selimiye Village

Next up, you’ll be visiting Turgut Bay, another beautiful spot, and Selimiye, a fishing village that has become a popular spot for tourists who want a place to relax. It’s the perfect place to soak in the sun, go snorkeling or swimming, or if you have time and transportation, you can visit Turgut Falls, which is just 10 km away. The falls are another great place to swim and cool off.

DAY 8: Sour Islands and Kuz Bük

Next, you’ll sail on over to the Sour Islands and another pristine bay, Kuz Bük. Across the water you can take in the island of Koca Ada. Here you’ll spend the day enjoying magnificent blue-green waters and the surrounding scenery. You may even be able to spot some wildlife nearby. The calm water is the perfect place to swim, or you can chill on the yacht with a good book.

DAY 9: Dirsek Bay and Bozburun

On the next day, the yacht will take you to Dirsek Bay, a nice bay with lots of mooring options. One of these is a cozy restaurant you can sail right up to. Dock at their quay and enjoy some delicious food, including fresh baked bread. You can also go swimming and snorkeling in the bay.

After the bay, you’ll head to Bozburun, a small seaside village. This secluded spot makes for a great getaway. The area has many great restaurants, hotels, and beaches, along with friendly locals.

DAY 10: Ada Boğazı and Tavşanbükü

On day 10, you’ll go to Ada Boğazı, a spot between Bitez and Gümbet coves. Cruise through the Mediterranean water here and spend your time enjoying this gorgeous spot. Sailing around the other side of the peninsula, you’ll visit Tavşanbükü. This is another spot with gorgeous water to sail in with an island on one side and the peninsula on the other. Spend your last day of your trip enjoying this wonderful spot by swimming or relaxing.


DAY 1- DAY 3: Bodrum

As with the first option, you’ll spend your first three days in Bodrum staying at a villa or hotel of our partners, and exploring the city and the surrounding area. Enjoy the mix of relaxation and adventure the city offers.

While being in Bodrum, don’t miss its must-see spots, such as the castle. Dating from the 15th century is a great spot to learn some history. If you are a history passionate, don’t miss an opportunity to visit the Museum of Underwater Archeology, located at the castle. This museum features shipwrecks that were found nearby the Turkish coast and gives a truly unique experience to all visitors.

DAY 4: Knidos, Palamutbuku, and Datça

The first stop on your sailing adventure is Knidos, which holds the remains of an ancient Greek city. After exploring this historical gem, you’ll sail to Palamutbuku, a gorgeous beach area that overlooks the Mediterranean. Once your done relaxing there, you’ll finish the day in Datça, a port town after which the peninsula is named. Enjoy the cool climate on a beach or at a restaurant.

DAY 5: Kumlubuk

Kumlubuk—famous for its beautiful bay, sandy beach, yacht club, cafes, restaurants hiking tracks, and the remnants of the ancient city of Amos—is the next destination on your tour of the Turkish Riviera. Spend the day here enjoying your fun in the sun along with some of the best fish in the region.

DAY 6: Selimiye

Next up, you’ll be visiting Selimiye. As we’ve said, this fishing village has become a popular spot for tourists. It’s a great place to soak in the sun, go snorkeling or swimming, or visit Turgut Falls, which is just 10 km away.

DAY 7: Buyuk Ada and Dirsek Bay

On day 7, the yacht will take you to Buyuk Ada and Dirsek Bükü. At Buyuk Ada, you’ll be able to enjoy activities such as diving, fishing, and barbequing. As mentioned under option 1, Dirsek is a nice bay with lots of mooring options and a cozy restaurant. Enjoy some delicious food, including fresh baked bread, or go swimming and snorkeling in the bay.

DAY 8: Çanak Bay and Ada Boğazı

On the next day, you’ll head to Çanak Bay. Another one of Turkey’s stunning bays. Here you can relax, bathe in the sun, swim, or snorkel, all the while taking in the crystal-clear water and wonderful weather.

After your time in Çanak Bay, you head to Ada Boğazı, a spot between Bitez and Gümbet coves. Sail through the Mediterranean water here and spend the rest of the day taking a load off in this gorgeous spot.

DAY 9: Bozburun

For the last day of your trip, you’ll head to Bozburun, a small seaside village. This isolated spot makes for a fantastic getaway. The area has many wonderful restaurants and beaches, along with friendly locals. You won’t want to leave this place or any of the places you’ve visited on your adventure in the Turkish Riviera.

DAY 10: Bodrum and surrounding area

After your yacht adventure, you will have three days to enjoy Bodrum and relax at your villa. As those are the last days of your tour, you can check out the market in Bodrum. It is a perfect spot to buy a good quality food and souvenirs. Get some herbs and spices to take a taste of Turkey back home with you.

Worth visiting are also ruins of the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, which was considered one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world. Don’t miss a chance to have a look at the 2nd century theater that will take you for a trip back in times.


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