Luxury River Cruise & Party Travel on a Rhine River

Luxury River Cruise & Party Travel on a Rhine River

Luxury River Cruise & Party Travel on a Rhine River


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5 Days

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A Unique Party Travel Experience That You Won't Find Anywhere Else

The worlds of parting and travel don’t mix very often, and when they do, the result is often stuffy and formal gatherings. Our idea of partying in spares no bit of excitement, energy, or quality.

People who enjoy luxury living and have a passion for partying need a place where they come together and embrace both aspects of their interests. A regular river cruise is simply too bland, and an electric music festival may be too low quality to suit their lifestyle needs. This party river cruise was designed specifically for individuals who seek exclusive experiences and enjoy the energy of an electronic party atmosphere, far away from a public eye.

Guests are specially selected to ensure that they will enjoy the unique mix of high-end travel and exclusive entertainment on board this river cruise. This special selection of people who like to party to the fullest, assures that everyone has the basic shared interests of electronic music, and travel in one, so you can be sure that you will fit right in.

Party alongside people who are enjoying this adventure just as much as you are. By the end of the cruise, you are likely to leave with plenty of new friends and lasting memories.

What To Expect

On your boarding day, you can expect to be welcomed by an exclusive culinary event. Here you will be able to make acquaintances and submerge yourself in an unforgettable cuisine experience. This welcome dinner party is the perfect transition from your everyday life to the trip of a lifetime.

Upon boarding our party cruise ship, you will have the opportunity to explore its state-of-the-art amenities and rooms. It won’t be long before you realize that this vessel is ideal for discrete travel and endless partying.

The rooftop presents the perfect place to enjoy the sun and dance to the seemingly endless stream of party music. Inside the main galley there will also be plenty of space to drink, mingle, and party.

On this cruise ship, the party never stops. Famous DJs, entertainers, and performers are on hand at all hours to ensure that your experience is nothing short of spectacular. They are professionals when it comes to hyping up a crowd and putting on a show, and the variety on board promises an enjoyable experience for all of our passengers.

There will also be directly interactive experiences intended to entertain and educate passengers. One such event includes a rotation of wine sommeliers on board the ship, and cocktail course. They provide an experience that pairs drinking with a refined appreciation for goods, so you can continue to party and keep it classy.

Cocktail bars with high-end specialty drinks and beverages to suit all pallets can be found across the ship, as well as culinary treats that complement the ship's vibrant atmosphere. During your time on this cruise, you can rest assured that all of your needs will be met, so you can focus on having an amazing experience.

According to the itinerary for each departure, the vessel will dock at scheduled cities where guided tours of exciting landmarks and fun local areas will be given. At some of the dock locations, VIP spaces in the best local clubs will be reserved specifically for our guests. This provides the perfect opportunity for you to switch up the party scene and enjoy the atmosphere of the thriving cities the cruise passes through.

There will also be a planned night on the river cruise where the ship docks at a secluded port, away from the public eye. A special guests will arrive on this night to give an exclusive party performance!

An Event That True Electronic Music Lovers Can't-Miss

This party river cruise has been professionally organized to be the best travel electronic music party available. The featured artists were “hand-picked”, as well as the entertainers. Every day and night on this cruise has been constructed to be an electronic music lover's dream. Progressive house music and famous techno DJs will fill the air of this exquisite cruise ship with music that powers the party!

The memories made on such an adventure will last a lifetime.

If you love electronic music and you want your festival bucket list to be complete, then this is an exclusive experience that you simply can’t miss. This party cruise is so professionally managed that even the guests are selected. The passengers are chosen by invitation only to suit the limited availability and to ensure that every person on board is there to make the most of this iconic experience.

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  • 4 Star Ship Accommodation
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  • Wine Tasting with sommelier on board
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(Intec Digital, Suara, Get Physical)

Born in Croatia in 1992, Dj Jock entered the world of music when he was practically a toddler. By the age of 14, his love of techno led him to start playing at private parties, and from then on, his dreams began to turn into reality. Three years later in 2009, he became a resident DJ at Croatia’s Pineta Beach Bar. Only 17 years old at the time, he was opening and closing gigs for a host of big name DJs. Not only did this give him the chance to show off his skills to a bigger audience, he also went on to play all-night sets lasting between 5-7 hours.

Before long, Jock started producing his own tracks, with his first EP ‘Colombian Lines’ being released on Debuger Records by the time he was 18. He continued to work tirelessly on his production, which eventually saw him go on to fulfil a lifelong dream – he was signed to Cristian Varela’s label Pornographic Records. The first release was supported, played and charted by some of the world’s top DJs. His tracks, ‘Chicas’ was a huge success and has been played at iconic festivals and clubs, including Tomorrowland, Awakenings, Electrobeach Festival, Exit Festival and Space Ibiza.After that,Jock’s carrier started growing up which led him to play numerous regional and international gigs.

Further tracks by the Croatian talent were later signed on top techno labels including Sasha Carassi’s Phobiq Records and UMEK’s 1605. Jock’s track nowdays can be found regularly in the playlists of Adam Beyer,Alan Fitzpatrick,Joseph Capriatti,Jon Rundell,Richie Hawtin and many others.Carl Cox also showed huge support, signing his EP ‘Raw Love’ on his legendary Intec Records. The track went straight into beatport’s top 100 techno chart at number 23, instantly changing everything for Jock.


Night Light Records, SCI+TEC, Suara, Tronic, Terminal M, 100% Pure, Octopus, Form

Mladen’s career began way back in 1999, when he joined forces with Sinisa Tamamović to promote events in their native Banja Luka and toured the Western Balkans. They soon founded their own label, Night Light Records, which is now the synonym for quality, innovation and releases that are always one step ahead. Mladen runs weekly radio show “Get Connected with Mladen Tomic”, he is founder of “ATOMIC” – Music production and DJ school as well as “BLEMC” – Banjaluka Electronic Music Conference.

In March 2012, Mladen and Sian’s joint single “Front Pocket”, remixed by Nicole Moudaber, reached number 1 on the Beatport Techno charts and the original mix No.3.
In the January 2013 edition of Techno Tools Vol.1 on the famous Suara label, was a great success – up to four compositions were in the techno Top 20, and two in the Top 10, with “Physical Level”, on the 4th and “Tune” in 8th place in the techno charts.
Mladen’s remix of “Airscape” by Stefano Noferini found itself in the seventh place on the Beatport techno list.
The famous track ‘’Before Sunset” from 2009 has also been a huge worldwide success, and it has been ranked 12th on the tech house list.
“Solar Wind”, which was released on Sci + Tec, was one of the most played tracks in Dubfire’s sets in 2014 and was positioned 12th on the Beatport techno chart.
“730 Drink” on Night Light Records was on the 9th Essential mix of Richie Hawtin and “West Beach” and “Inside The Bootle”, (which has also appeared on Night Light Records), found themselves in almost every one of Richi’s sets in Ibiza in 2014 and 2015.

Brutally honest on the dancefloor, in the real life and behind the decks.

Goran Emkic from Tuzla, is prodigy of new techno generation that delivers festival like set for his virtual audience. Its hard to stand still by his side while he is preforming – energy-energy-energy. Reminds us how in the early stages of this culture people were excited to deliver felling’s to their fans.

On the menu there will be something for everyone!

We will serve different food every day, the food will not be repeated for a single day.
Meat, fish and vegetarian food will be available to meet anyone’s needs and eating habits.

In addition, you will be served with the top French and German wines, or cocktail’s.
Details of a food menu and beverages on a bar, you will be able to check after the registration.

Executive Chef on this party travel is Antonio Duarte

Antonio has worked for 2 years in a five-star hotel in Switzerland, before becoming Executive Chef with Grand Circle Cruises Lines, when this company started their own river cruise vessels in 1998.

After 10 years with GCCL, Antonio changed to River Advice, where he worked as Executive Chef on various ships for Avalon Waterways (US passengers).

After the app. 8 years he switched to Carnival Cruises (ocean cruise ships), before returning to European rivers on our ship.

Wine Tasting Day with Sebastian Bordthäuser

Sebastian Bordthäuser studied German language and literature, but ultimately decided in favor of the bottle. After working from beer gardens to star restaurants, he went into business for himself in 2014 after more than 20 years in gastronomy. Since then he has been working as a freelance sommelier, author and journalist at his Cologne-Ehrenfeld kitchen table.

Bordthäuser published the book “Wein & Gemüse” in 2017 with Manuela Rüther in Fackelträger Verlag, and in March 2018 the collection “The Philosophy of Cooking” was published by Mairisch Verlag. He writes regularly for Effilee, Die Welt am Sonntag, Der Feinschmecker and Meininger’s Sommelier magazine as well as for numerous other gourmet magazines.

He has accompanied the founding of the Falstaff Wein-Guide editorially and as a taster from the beginning and is active as a juror for numerous competitions as well as for the Gerolsteiner Wein-Places.

In addition to his work as a lecturer at sommelier and hotel management schools, he works in sensory quality assurance. Countless presentations round off his profile as a wine entertainer.

The sought-after sommelier believes that studies benefit him every day in his efforts to talk and write about wine in a language that is easy to understand. Bordthäuser names the basics of sensor technology as the focus of his work, cultural backgrounds and abysses enjoy his special attention.


  • 2016 – today
    Ambassador of South Tyrol Wines
  • 2016 – 2017
    Ambassador Tejo
  • 2015 – 2017
    Bordthäusers Bordeaux Bootcamp – Certified Instructor
  • 2014
    Sommelier of the year 2014, Bertelsmann Verlag
  • 2013
    Nomination for Sommelier of the Year 2013, Rolling Pin
  • 2013
    Best Spain Wine List, SHERRY Special Prize
  • 2012
    Sommelier of the Year Falstaff Wine Trophy
  • 2011
    Best Bordeaux Card Gourmets
  • 2011
    Best Spain Card
  • 2010
    Gault Millau wine list of the year

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