Explore The Algarve Coast by Luxury Private Yacht

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Explore The Algarve Coast by Luxury Private Yacht


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Combined Bespoke Travel For 8 People, Organized by PAR EXCELLENCE In Cooperation With Its Partners

Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of the Algarve, Canary Islands, and Morocco, three of the most sought-after destinations for luxury travellers. Enjoy the stunning coastline of the Algarve, explore the lush landscapes and beaches of the Canary Islands, and discover Morocco’s fascinating architecture and vibrant markets.

As this trip is planned with your comfort in mind. You will travel via yacht and private jet, allowing you to experience the coastlines as you travel across the Atlantic Ocean. You will stay on the yacht and in luxurious villas to rest in a heavenly bed to recover your energy from a busy itinerary exploring some of the most untapped corners of this part of the world. With helicopter excursions, delicious meals, and various entertainment options, this tour is sure to be an unforgettable experience suitable for groups of up to 8 people. So get ready to bask in the sun, relax, and discover the treasures of the Algarve, Canary Islands, and Morocco with
Par Excellence Travel.

Travel Schedule Overview:

  • Starting from Faro, you’ll travel to Lagos, Algarve in southern Portugal, for 3 days of fine dining and activities at the Vila Vita Parc Resort and Spa
  • On your 4th day, a luxury your yacht provided by our partner will ferry you in style from Algarve to Morocco, where you’ll spend 3 unforgettable days in a private luxury villa in the world-famous city of Casablanca, managed directly by
  • After exploring the Casablanca, you’ll next travel is to Bin El Ouidane where you’ll stay for 3 days at the Widiane 5-star hotel. Here you’ll enjoy a view of the scenic Lake Bin Ouidiane and have a host of local activities to choose from.
  • From Windiane, it’s time to travel to Marrakesh, and you’ll see the Ouozoud waterfalls on the way to your 3-day stay at another luxury Villa managed directly by
  • Next you will go from Marrakesh to Agadir for 3 days at the Paradis Plage Surf Yoga and Spa Resort
  • After Agadir, you will travel via Yacht to spend 6 days in the Canary Islands, including Lanzarote, where you will stay at the Luxury Suites for 3 days, managed directly by
  • Soaking up the sun, landscape, and culture of Gran Canaria while staying on the Yacht.
  • Spend a further two days staying on a yacht while exploring the beautiful island of Tenerife and playing a few rounds of golf.

That’s just a taste of the adventure, however, so let’s take a look at what you can expect of your Yacht, what’s included and optional, and learn a little bit more about what waits for you in each region on this unforgettable journey!

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Tour Map

Travel to Algarve with Omni Aviation and their

Founded in 1988, Omni Executive Aviation is a global player in the Aviation Industry, offering a wide range of services and flexible solutions. With more than 30 years of experience in the aviation world, Omni is Portugal’s longest operating private aviation company.

We pay extreme attention to detail, so you can be sure that every aspect, from your private jet’s seating arrangement to its cabin height, will be perfect, and you won’t have any worries during your trip. Thanks to Omni Aviation, your relaxation begins right from the plane, even before you step into your private luxury villa.


Azimut 80 stands out for its large side windows that allow light to reflect off the water and filter into the interiors, enhancing the thrill of looking out to sea. The sun-pad in the bow comes with large cushions and sofas, for relaxing under the sun and enjoying beautiful sunsets at anchor.

Yacht Specifications

  • Length Overall: 18,33 m
  • Beam: 5,25 m
  • Dry Weight: 28,299 kg
  • Draft: 1,30 m
  • Flat-out speed: 33.5 knots
  • Cruise speed: 18 knots


  • Cabin: 3
  • Person capacity: 6 people

The Azimut 80 features ample exterior deck spaces making them perfect for those looking to take full advantage of the outdoors during their luxury yacht charter vacation. The sheltered aft decks play host to a dining area, outdoor speakers, and a sliding glass door to the main salon. There is also a telescopic, adjustable canvas Bimini top and a 4 person sun pad at the bow. The interior of The Azimut 80 is opulent, stylish, and cozy with a spacious main salon that offers two lounging areas, the perfect place to relax and take shelter from the sun’s rays.



Days 1-4



Famous worldwide for its port wines from the northern regions, as well as 300 days of sunlight, and the local Fado music that will catch and hold your heart, Portugal will be your first destination and you’ll be spending almost 4 full days in the southern Algarve region.


Villa Parc Resort and Spa

Here, you will stay at the Vila Vita Parc Resort and Spa, with many villa options to choose from. Want a cliffside villa with a breathtaking view? It’s yours for the taking! Fancy a suite with a private pool, surrounded by lush gardens like your own personal oasis? They’ve got that too and MORE.

You’ll also have access to their 33-hole golf course, but if golfing isn’t your thing, there’s no need to worry.

  • Hiking tours of the 7 valleys and scenic cliffs along the beautiful coastline
  • Surfing, kayaking, or even paddle boating the beautiful blue sea
  • Visiting the Algarve marine caves for unforgettable scenery and adventure
  • Touring the local hotspots with a personal driver at your beck and call
  • Enjoying private art classes painting the local coastal scenery
  • Do you like sports? Golf, Tennis, and adrenaline-rich sports such as water-skiing and laser boating are all available at Vila Parc

Professional photographers are also optional at Vila Parc, should you desire to have your magic moments captured forever. We should also mention that golfing and the other Villa Parc are certainly not your only entertainment options. Starting off, as we mentioned surfing, we’d be amiss if we didn’t mention the Tiny Whale Surf Lodge.

Tiny Whale Surf Lodge

At the Tiny Whale Surf Lodge, you can receive private instruction in the fine art of surfing – a skill that you can take with you for adventures yet to come.

Tiny Whale Surf lodge will provide you with a personal coach, for both surfing and for non-surfing activities such as Surf  Inspired Yoga. Lessons are available 5 days a week and coaching is provided twice a day to make sure that you can build up your skilsl in very little time.

Volta do Mar

For the more adventurous souls out there, Volta do Mar some adrenaline-pumping options, such as rock climbing, snorkeling, and a Lagos bike tour for those who love to get physical. After your adventures, you can cool down with a scenic frive through the Algarve region where you’ll visit two local wineries for a wine-tasting experience accompanied with pesticos – delicious local tapas that melt in your mouth!

Algarve Riders

You can also plan a land adventure through Algarve Riders, so that you can take advantage of safari tours or adrenaline-pumping off-road experiences in their quads, buggies, and more! It’s a unique way to spend a little time off the beaten path and we highly recommend it!

While their quad and buggy options are certainly excited, you can also go more casual with half and full-day safaris that are off the beaten path.  Lounging in your jeep, you’ll get to see exotic and hidden gems of Algarves, such as Paderne Castle and the Alte village, and natural springs that you can take a dip in to cool off.

In the villages, you’ll also sample local fares, such as fig brandy, local jams, and even a traditional Algarves lunch – all available through the thoughtful folks at Algarve Riders and Par Excellence Travel.

Algarve Food Experience

Finally, while sampling the local fare is certainly going to happen, this IS a luxury trip – so why not take it to the next level with the Algarve Food Experience? You can dine among the ancient olive trees or even enjoy a cliffside feast and wine-tasting, exciting your palette as you absorb the sights and sounds!

If you want something a little more intimate, you can enjoy a brunch in a secret garden, wine-tasting beneath a giant, ancient olive tree, a picnic surrounded by cork oaks, and more! Ambience makes all of the difference and you’ll definitely find it with the Algarve Food Experience.

DAY 5-7



2 Days in Casablanca

For the next leg of your journey you’ll be whisked way to the southern tip of the African continent to visit Morocco. Home of the Sahara Desert, you can enjoy sipping mint tea as you shop in exotic souks and sample their world-famous cuisines. You’ll be here for a while and there’s a lot in store, so let’s take a peek!

Made infamous by Humphrey Bogart, Casablanca is your first stop in Morocco and it’s a doozy! On your arrival, you’ll check in to the Private Luxury Villa, managed directly by PAR EXCELLENCE.

DAY 7-10


3 Days in Bin El Ouidane

Widiane Hotel

At Bin El Ouidane, you’ll be staying at the 5-star Widiane Hotel. Here you’ll have an unbeatable view of the lake and of the Atlas Mountains, with the windows of your room tailored to give you the best view short of visiting them yourself.


There’s also plenty to do – you can get a guided local hike, hire a kayak or boat for the lake, enjoy a Yoga retreat, or even recharge your batteries in the Widiane’s luxurious spa!

There are even special activities just for kids, it you and someone special could use a little alone time.

Find out more about the secrets of the Moroccan cuisine during a cooking class with the Chef or just enjoy a dinner at MAIDA – the Moroccan restaurant.

It’s a relaxing Atlas oasis and it’s all yours for 3 memorable days at the Widiane Hotel!

DAY 10-13


3 Days in Marrakech

From Bin El Ouidane, you’ll be going next to Marrakech, and visiting Ozoud on your way — where several waterfalls combine to cascade gracefully into the El-Abid river’s gorge! From there, you’ll be checking in to the Private Luxury Villa managed by PAR EXCELLENCE, where you’ll be staying in a luxury villa and served by your own personal butler!

There’s also a 25-meter pool if you feel like cooling off and taking a dip, and your luxury accommodations will make you feel like royalty, with tubs to soak in and even a fireplace to sit in front of as you recount the adventures of your day.

Only 15 minutes away, you can access the city center and spend a little time in the famous souks, where you can sample exotic spices and discover goods that you simply can’t buy anywhere else in the world.

Marrakech Air

For a real treat, you can even see Marrakesh from the skies. Marrakech Air can take you up in a hot air balloon, so that you can enjoy a birds-eye view of the berber villages, ancient valleys, and the Atlas mountains.

Classic, private, and group flights are available so you can plan the perfect flight for your needs.

Exploring Moracco with PAR EXCELLENCE

If you are looking for an ancient backdrop for some unforgettable photos, PAR EXCELLENCE can provide you with more imaginative fare, such as a trip on the road from Telouet to Ouarzazate. Ouarzazate, also known as the ‘Hollywood of Africa’ has been the background of many a famous movies and shows, including ‘Gladiator’. ‘Lawrence of Arabia’, and most recently, Game of Thrones. 

PAR EXCELLENCE can allow you to see the most exotic sites that Marrakech has to offer, so be sure to take a peek and spice things up – it’s well worth your while!

Private Luxury Travel

PAR EXCELLENCE can give you the opportunity to hire a luxury vehicle to travel in style if you desire. We can even provide you with unique experiences, such as a visit to the Agafay desert Oasis or the 4 imperial cities of Morocco. A custom-tailored trek through the Atlas mountains, along with a lunch with a Berber family is also in the cards if you fancy this adventure – PAR EXCELLENCE is happy and ready to accommodate all your travel wishes. This experience will have you feelling like you’re living in a movie, and when you leave, we guarantee that you’ll be taking a little bit of Marrakech with you to keep close to your heart.

DAY 13-16

3 Days in Agadir

Your final destination in Morocco is close to Agadir, long-known as a hotspot for Europe’s rich and famous. Located between Agadir and Essaouira is the Paradis Plage Surf Yoga & Spa Resort, a unique eco resort that combines yoga, surfing, and a relaxing spa experience all in one.


Paradis Plage Surf Yoga & Spa Resort

The Paradis Plage Surf Yoga Spa and Resort is a unique gem that is located near Taghazout for you to enjoy. Boasting their Paradise Eco Spa, which is a blend of worldly and traditional Moroccan tradition, you can cleanse your body before taking in one of the many activities that Paradis has to offer.

Here you’ll find such niceties as their Yoga Shala and their Surf house for your enjoyment, and when dining you’ll get the best in organic and local Moroccan offerings, such as prickly pear fruit, pomegranates, and even freshly-caught seafood from the fishing village nearby.


Once you can drag yourself from the comforts of your villa, there’s lots to see and do around Taghazout.

Visit beaches that look straight out of the cinema, enjoy a movie in the outdoor cinema or just sit around the bonfire or delight yourself or the kids by seeing some exotic animals at the Agadir Birds Valley or the Crocopark.

While you are there, don’t miss seeing the Agadir Kasbah. Built in 1540 by the Saadian Sultan Mohammed, this ancient fortress is a definite must-see if you want to soak in some of the rich history of Agadir.

Once those 3 magical days are up, the magic isn’t over, as you’ll be boarding your yacht once again and it’s off to the Canary Islands.

The Canary Islands

The final leg of your journey will take you on a tour of the Canary islands. Known for a rich mix of cultures, rugged and scenic landscapes, and a legendary blend of ancient history and nature, these islands draw visitors yearly from all over the world. Here’s a taste of just a few of the wonder’s you’ll see on your own luxury tour of the Canaries:

DAY 17

Travel from Agadir to Lanzarote

Step back on board the Yacht and travel to Lanzarote, the fourth largest of the seven main Canary Islands, Lanzarote. Lanzarote is a fabulous place to start your mini tour of the Canary Islands as it is smaller, less packed with people, and more peaceful than some of the larger islands.


DAY 18


Explore Lanzarote

It experiences almost no rain, so you are almost sure to be able to enjoy the facilities on the outdoor deck of the yacht. Although you may expect this island to be somewhat dry and lifeless due to the lack of rainfall, you may be pleasantly surprised when you reach the island, as there are plenty of lovely outdoor spaces, vineyards, and beaches to explore. If you enjoy a spot of hiking, you can also venture near the Lanzarote volcanoes and lava fields.

You will spend this evening in a fabulous Luxury Villa managed directly by PAR EXCELLENCE, where you can get ready for dinner and listen to the waves crashing on the shore just a few meters from your door.

DAY 19

Explore Lanzarote

As Lanzarote is known as the ‘Hawaii of Europe’, you would be mad to miss the scuba diving adventures that can be had just off the Southern coast of this paradise island. Our guides will keep you safe while you explore the warm and clear waters of the reefs, and you can see some underwater caves and swim alongside the colourful wildlife. You may even be lucky enough to encounter a few even sharks or whales during your visit. This island formation is volcanic and rocky, which gives these waters some of the best visibility in Europe. You can frequently see 40 meters ahead of yourself in the ocean.

After a day in the water, you can recuperate with a relaxing afternoon strolling around the local natural attraction – the volcanic tunnel. This tunnel formed during an eruption many years ago, and since the roof has fallen into the water below, and created a beautiful open space that is lit by natural light that curves with the cave’s walls and illuminates the blue water below.

DAY 20

Travel to Gran Canaria

On this day of your holiday, we will cruise from Lanzarote to Gran Canaria, another of the larger Canary Islands. Although these islands are neighbors, each of the main Canary Islands has a unique atmosphere and climate, so it’s certainly an interesting trip to the second of these islands on your trip.

You will spend this evening on board the Yacht, where you can acclimate to the motor yacht’s gentle rock and fall asleep after taking a dip in the hot tub on board.

DAY 21

Explore Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria offers a perfect mix of stunning natural beauty and high-end amenities. So we will start your day with a gourmet breakfast on board, sure to have breathtaking ocean views.

Then you can take advantage of the yacht’s mobility and take a private yacht tour to discover secluded beaches and do some snorkeling. In the afternoon, you will visit the Maspalomas Dunes, a unique natural reserve with towering sand dunes and exotic wildlife. You also can take a memorable guided tour on a camel or a horse to appreciate the beauty of the area in a unique way. Then you can explore the island a little more, visit the island’s capital, Las Palmas, and roam around the historic area of Vegueta, where you’ll find beautiful colonial-style buildings and a charming atmosphere.

In the evening, you can dine at a Michelin-starred restaurant serving delicious local cuisine and sample fine wines or dine aboard the yacht.

DAY 22

Travel to Tenerife

Travel in style on your new ocean home from Gran Canaria to your final Canary Island of this trip, Tenerife. Experience the coastline of the Canary islands from a unique viewpoint as the yacht powers through the sea. You can also use this time to catch some sun, enjoy a delicious lunch with locally sourced food and sip on a traditional Canary Islands cocktail known as the Barraquito, made with espresso, condensed milk, and cinnamon.

DAY 23

Explore Tenerife

After a week of traveling sightseeing, you can enjoy a spot of gold at the Buena Vista Golf course. This golf course

After a morning of playing golf, you can head back to the yacht to shower and freshen up before heading back to the island to explore the historic town of La Laguna, known for its colonial-style architecture and charming streets. Then if there are a few hours before we head back to the yacht, you can take a wine tour to taste the island’s famous wines and learn about local winemaking traditions.


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