Experience the Ionian Islands on a yacht cruise that is specially discounted for Par Excellence clientele

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Experience the Ionian Islands on a yacht cruise that is specially discounted for Par Excellence clientele


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The Perfect Combined Tour of Athens, Mykonos, Ios and Santorini

Enjoy a twelve-day travel experience, beginning at Athens and then the Cyclades from Mykonos to Santorini.

Your journey starts with a trip to Athens, the capital city of Greece, where you will spend two days at a luxury villa. Next, you will begin your travel to the Cyclades on a private yacht and explore the area, specifically Mykonos and Santorini, for 2 days each while enjoying the best that Greece offers.

First of all, Mykonos, with its authentic white houses, well-designed churches, windmills, and narrow streets, makes for a picture-perfect sight. Also, its thriving nightlife and fantastic water views are bound to seduce you.

For party lovers, Mykonos is the most jet-set island and festive of the Cyclades. So you can be assured that the fun never stops and the city never sleeps.

Finally, we end our travel experience at Santorini, the pearl of the Cyclades, where the sea and the sky meet on the horizon and merge into a landscape of limitless beauty.

Upon arrival in Greece, you will spend the first three days in Athens, Greece’s capital city. You will begin your wonderful holiday tour by exploring all the fascinating landmarks in the city, from the National Archaeological Museum to the Acropolis Museum and several other popular tourist destinations. For your transportation needs within Athens, you have no need to worry. Our partners at XS Travel Management will have a luxury supercars on the ground to ferry you to any location within the city.

In Athens, we will provide you with a luxury villa from the Greek Villa. You will also be provided with household staff, a personal driver, and security services on a sightseeing’s provided from Xtreme Security to guarantee that your stay in Athens is as hitch-free as possible.

Private tours will be organized with local guides from our travel partners, Greece a la Carte and Santorini Day Tours. So, you can move around the city accompanied by someone who knows the lay of the land and can show you around the best spots in town.

Yacht Charter with Morley Yachts

  • Participate in Private Events On Board

We will provide several events in various formats for your ultimate pleasure. For example, if you are a fan of electronic music we would invite some of the local DJs to join us on board, there would be several opportunities to dance and enjoy some fantastic performances.
Or, if you prefer a more relaxed environment, some famous local guitar players, singers, and dancers would also be available to keep you entertained.

  • Relish Culinary and Wine Tasting Experiences:

Our share-a-yacht holiday charter is undoubtedly a breathtaking cruise. Among its many unique features, you will get the chance to stay at a private villa provided by Edge Retreats. Your residence at Santorini will have its own wine cellar for a deluxe wine-tasting experience. In addition, you will be treated to a culinary masterstroke. The Cyclades are well known for tasty local dishes such as Ksinotiri, Talogeros, and Domatokeftethes. And you will enjoy some of these fine meals.

Our share-a-yacht holiday charter is undoubtedly a breathtaking cruise. Among its many unique features, you will get the chance to stay at private luxury villas provided by our partners Edge Retreats and The Greek Villas.

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  • Luxury Villa in Athens, Mykonos & Santorini
  • Welcome Drinks
  • Yacht Charter
  • Water and fuel consumption
  • Private Event Organizer
  • Private Tours with Local Guides
  • Wine Sommelier
  • Artists & Performances
  • Private Chef
  • Insurance
  • Tips for the Yacht Crew
  • Wine Tasting Event Expenses (wine)
  • Private Jet Charter
  • Helicopter Charter
  • Security Service
  • Luxury Ground Transportation




This stunning luxury yacht, provided by Morley Yachts is an excellent option for travelers seeking to explore the Cyclades on a relaxing holiday adventure. St.David is well-furnished with world-class décor, providing a premium look and feel, and a calming atmosphere. This sea vessel has 6 cabins for 12 people, and has a large number of water toys.
All crew members on this ship are well-trained and capable of providing you with the five-star treatment you deserve. Between the six large cabins, dining area, and gorgeous sundeck, there are lots of places to relax and enjoy a nice time on St.David.

So, get ready. An adventure of a lifetime awaits you in the Greek Islands.


Due the cancelation and the currently available gap period which we are offering you here for the dates of 14.07.2024 – 22.07.2024, PAR EXCELLENCE has got an exclusivity to offer you this yacht for charter with a discount of 20%.
But, not only that;

For the price of 7 days charter, you will get 8 days!


345,000€ + 5.2% Greek VAT + 30% APA – minus 20% discount for Par Excellence Pear Group

* If you wish to contact the central agent directly please do so via email:

Details about the Yacht


These cruises are friendly and warm. The energy on board is always lively, and there are lots of surprises and activities to keep you excited.
We provide a more natural touch by ensuring you experience Greek culture up close instead of spending the entire time on a cruise ship. Moreover, our yachts are spacious and comfortable. So, you can still maintain your privacy and enjoy a lovely romantic dinner with your partners if you so desire.



Upon arrival in Greece, you will spend the first three days in Athens, Greece’s capital city. In Athens, we will provide you with a luxury villa from The Greek Villas,  one of our Villa rental partners. You will also be provided with household staff, a personal driver, and security services on a sightseeing’s provided from Xtreme Security to guarantee that your stay in Athens is as hitch-free as possible.
watching dance performances performed with the famous Greek pop artist.

Athens Tours Greece – Your Travel Tour Guide in Athens

For your three-night stay in Athens, our partners Athens Tours Greece will be taking you around this fascinating town as you explore all its nooks and crannies. They provide both private and bus tours in Athens where you will get to see all the wonderful landmarks you have always heard about. From restaurants to museums, ancient buildings, and much more, Athens Tours Greece will take you on a sightseeing journey that you won’t forget in a hurry. So, get set for an exciting personalized travel experience in Athens.


Welcome to Villa Camden, Villa provided by our partner.

Villa Camden in Athens Riviera

  • Total cost for 3 nights:
  • 1.056 € per person

Includes: Change of linen twice a week and Daily cleaning, Travel assistance & Concierge services

Your VIP treatment begins upon your arrival in Athens as we will provide you with the most exquisite villa for your three-day stay in the city. Villa Camden is a perfect place to enjoy the best of Athens as it is close to the Athens Marina, Zea Marina, and Flisvos Marina, the three locations where our superyacht will be docked during this journey. Villa Camden is generally regarded as premium accommodation and is a top pick for most tourists looking to explore Athens. From here, you can easily get to the city center and experience Athens at its peak by visiting the top restaurants and landmarks. Set with the finest interior decor, it is also sure to provide you with maximum comfort and a view that is simply unrivaled. When you are not resting in your room, you can come out to the dining area where you can interact with other travelers or take a wonderful swim at the saltwater pool. There are lots of things you can do while at Camden. You are guaranteed the best experience in Athens while at this villa.

PAR EXCELLENCE gives away 10% of its partnership commission to customers as a discount.


Visit the National Archaeological Museum

You will begin your wonderful holiday tour by exploring all the fascinating landmarks in the city, from the National Archaeological Museum to the Acropolis Museum and several other popular tourist destinations. For your transportation needs within Athens, you have no need to worry. Our partners at XS Travel Management will have a luxury supercar on the ground to ferry you to any location within the city.

Connect With Greek History as You Explore the Parthenon

Completed in 432BC, this temple is one of the few standing landmarks from the era of the ancient greek empire. It was dedicated to the goddess Athena and is a popular site for tourists who wish to learn more about ancient greek mythology. You can spend your second day in athens exploring this well-built temple which has survived several decades of fires, rains, and winds. You can catch a glimpse of pre-historic Greece on this share-a-yacht charter holiday by visiting this, and many other medieval landmarks such as the Erechteion, Temple of Olympian Zeus, and the Temple of Hephaestus. 


A 60 min Athens tour, from helipad in Koropi – Olympic Stadium – Lycabettus Hill – Panathinaikon Stadium – Acropolis – Piraeus port – Athens, or another Two Options which you can find HERE,
will be organized for the entire group In cooperation with our partner AIR POWER. Watching the city from several feet above the ground, you get to enjoy a full view.
7.500 €


Board the yach, and start your cruising to Mykonos

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as wine and cocktail tasting and water sports activities will be organized by the crew. You will also be able to learn fishing and diving.


Arrival in Mykonos (Your Tour of the Cyclades Begins!)

Upon arrival, a luxury vehicle from XS Travel Management will be available to convey you to the Villa Mariam, located in the Southern part of Mykonos, which is close to the ports where we would have our yacht docked.

This luxury villa is a perfect depiction of splendor, with two kitchens, double, cozy living rooms, and up to eight bedrooms, each having its own bathroom. Surrounding the Villa is an exciting view of Mykonos’s awe-inspiring landscape filled with a variety of plant life. All rooms in the Villa Mariam are well furnished with beautiful décor and the best of amenities to ensure that your stay in Mykonos is as pleasant as possible. If you wish to step out and interact with your fellow travelers, you also can visit the open area or swimming pool and enjoy a wonderful time.


Welcome to Villa Mariam or Villa Cycladic, Villa provided by our partner.


  • Villa Mariam or Villa Cycladic


  • 3 NIGHTS; 7.500 €
  • 750 € per person

PAR EXCELLENCE gives away 10% of its partnership commission to customers as a discount.


Instead of staying at the Villa Mariam, you could also enjoy your time in Mykonos at the luxurious Villa Cycladic, a five-bedroom masterpiece with stunning sunsets and a private pool.

Villa Cycladic can house up to 12 guests and provides a fantastic viewing experience. There are also several outdoor spaces where you can relax with a lovely drink, read an interesting book, or hang out with your travel companions. What’s more, the Villa Cycladic is completely discrete and secure as well. So you can have loud parties without having to worry about your personal safety or anyone’s disturbance.
DISCOUNT OFFER: What’s special about the Villa Cycladic and the Villa Mariam options on this trip is that you will be offered a discount on the regular booking price thanks to Our Partners.


Greece A La Carte is a professional organization that provides private guides to tourists in various cities. Their highly skilled tour guides will take you through Greece as you learn about its culture and traditions. You will get a deeper understanding of the rich history behind several of Greece’s archaeological monuments and receive instruction on properly communicating with the residents of your locale. Greece A La Carte is focused on making sure you make the most of your trip

  • Visit Psarou Beach

Psarou is a cosmopolitan beach with a lovely sea view that attracts several tourists. Due to its excellent reputation as a place to relax, enjoy lovely sea cruises, and experience the best that Mykonos has to offer. This beach is located near our available luxury villa options, so you can easily step out from your Villa and have a good time.


Spend the Day at Chora, and see the Church of Paraportiani

We have planned and organized a scintillating breakfast to get your day off to a great start. In addition, a private tour guide will also be fully ready to show you around Mykonos and ensure that you have a worthwhile experience. You can visit Mykonos Town, popularly known as Chora, where you will see the old port and the Church of Paraportiani.

With another PARTNER we would provide you a sightseeing tour with 3 different helicopters for the entire group of 12 passengers that will fly together for the price of 6.500 €

Soar in the beauty of Mykonos, one of the most glamorous islands in the world. Enjoy the various sightseeing flights over the Cycladic Islands where the blue waters await. Santorini island is one of the most popular sightseeing destinations in the world. Take to the sky and get a bird’s-eye view of the volcano, scene of one of the largest volcanic eruptions in recorded history from the inside of a luxury helicopter.

DAY 6 - Mykonos


Mykonos is well known for its nightlife, with several bars, clubs, and hangout spots for you to choose from. Your private tour guide can take you to the Cavo de Paradiso to shake up the dance floor or the JackieO to grab a few drinks or eat. After having fun on the island, you can retreat to your Villa for a nice special dinner as well.


Check out from the Villa and head to your next destination – Santorini!

After checking out, our luxury vehicles will transfer you to the port of Mykonos. Once there, you will board the yacht, which will be heading in the direction of Santorini, by providing you with several breathtaking performances on the yacht.


  • Arrival at IOS port

IOS island is one of the top travel destinations in Greece. Get your day off to the perfect start as you arrive at the IOS port and get set to begin exploring this hilly island on the Aegean sea.

  • Enjoy local seafood delicacies for lunch on your luxury yacht

Lunch times on your superyacht are always a moment to look forward to. For your meal, you will be enjoying the finest of local seafood from this awe-inspiring island.

  • Spend a day on your own by exploring IOS

Next, you can begin your own exploration of the island. IOS has some of the most fascinating sights, and you are sure to be enthralled on your journey. You can visit the Venetian Castle, Skarkos, the Odysseas Elytis Theatre, or any of the other top landmark sites on this lovely Aegean island.

  • Gala dinner on the yacht

In addition to all the fun-filled activities, there will also be a Gala dinner night on your superyacht. Get dressed in a lovely tuxedo or a fancy ball gown as you sip some wine and enjoy an exquisite meal while anticipating what comes next.


Santorini is arguably one of the world’s most popular destinations, and on this trip, you are sure to find out why.


  • Santorini Day Tours

Santorini Day Tours has been providing personalized tours for individuals for years. Their expertise and longevity in the business of organizing small group tours make them the perfect choice to show you around the nooks and crannies of Santorini. You are sure to have a remarkable experience during the final few days of your holiday charter experience.


Welcome to Villa Cellaria, Villa provided by our partner.


Villa Cellaria – Your Luxury Accommodation in Santorini


  • 3 NIGHTS; 7.500 €
  • 750 € per person

Event Fee (up to 50 guests):

  • 1.000 € + 24% VAT
  • 100 € per person

On your three-day stay in Santorini, you would be staying at the Villa Cellaria, a 6-bed luxury villa that can accommodate up to 12 guests. The Villa Cellaria is located in Vlychada and is just 4km away from the popular Vlychada Beach. It is surrounded by lush vineyards and offers a clear view of the south coast of the city. You will have access to a general dining area, a well-stocked kitchen, and a lovely wine cellar with the best of drinks to suit the most refined palette. In addition to these features, the Villa Cellaria also has a swimming pool and a tennis court, making it the perfect blend of comfort, luxury, and discretion. So, you are guaranteed a truly wonderful time in Santorini while you stay at this location.

PAR EXCELLENCE gives away 10% of its partnership commission to customers as a discount.

The fun doesn’t stop in Santorini! At your Villa, you will be treated to a fun-filled private event with performances by top artistes and DJs. In the evenings, you will also get to listen to some skilled piano and guitar players and hear Greece’s finest musical talents.

Experience one day of wine tasting with a sommelier at Villa and an excursion around Greece’s most famous Island

Apart from the luxury treatment that you will receive at the Villa Cellaria, we will also provide you with the opportunity to enjoy a wine-tasting event at Villa. Our holiday charter is all about creating memorable experiences, and this is one activity you certainly don’t want to miss. We will also take you on an excursion around the island and show you the nightlife scene in Santorini by taking you on a visit to one of the city’s most renowned clubs. You don’t need to worry about your personal safety as Xtreme Security will be providing you with highly trained personnel to ensure your safety.


  • Take a Trip to the Archaeological Museum in Fira or Visit Pyrgos

We will organize and provide you with breakfast to get your day started.

You could learn more about Santorini’s history by visiting the archeological museum in Fira, which is filled with artifacts from the Hellenistic and Byzantine eras. You could also see Pyrgos, one of Santorini’s less-known but equally enthralling sites. Here you will be amazed by the terrific ancient city views, lovely restaurants, and the famous winery, Santo Wines.

You could ride in your luxury transport vehicle from XS Travel Management to the Oia village, with white houses carved from the cliffs overlooking the blue seas. The beautiful scenery, wineries, cocktail bars, and restaurants will surely make your visit to Oia memorable.

  • Afternoon Beach Party

In the afternoon, you will put on your beach clothes and enjoy an exciting beach party. You could play fun water games, build sand castles, or just lie down and relax as you enjoy the wonderful music and atmosphere by the water.

  • DJs night, Evening party at the pool with performers and artists

Now it’s time for yet another party. Enjoy your evening with a special DJs night as you experience performances from some of the finest acts in the land. Stay by the poolside as you experience the lovely view and are entertained by each performer.


Akrotiri Village is the Perfect Place to Explore on Your Final Days in Santorini!

If you are a fan of ancient history, we will transport you to the village of Akrotiri. Here you will see archeological artifacts dating back several centuries. Finally, you can wrap your day up by getting a nice meal at any of the fine restaurants in Santorini while watching the sunset.

Another option could be to spend the last few days of the share-a-yacht-charter exploring Santorini’s sublime nightlife. You could get a bottle of champagne at Franco’s Bar, enjoy some relaxing music at Kira Thira, or dance and sip cocktails at Enigma.

DAY 12 - Departure from Santorini

Finally, your fun-filled adventure in the Santorini is over. We will transport you safely from your Villa to the airport so you can fly back to your destination in cooperation with our partner GainJet.

GainJet will be able to support us with their Long Range Executive Jet;
BOMBARDIER CHALLENGER 605 to facilitate our needs for the group of 10 people.

The aircraft’s impressive intercontinental flight range allows it to travel up to 8 hours (4,000 nm). Thus, wherever you need to go within Europe, the CL605 can get you there with ease.

With the widest cabin in its category, the CL605’s luxuriously appointed and spacious interior comfortably accommodates up to 12 passengers. The cabin features 4 individual VIP seats, a club-4 dining seating area, and a plush 4-seater sofa. The leather seats can also be adjusted into 3 flat beds, for greater comfort.

Whether travelling for a business meeting or on holiday, passengers are sure to arrive to their destinations well rested and ready for whatever awaits them.


The Facilitations Partners


For private flights, we would be working closely with our partners at GainJet. We will ensure to find you the best possible options based on current availability and price or an empty leg option.

Opting for our charter service allows you access to deals that are impossible to secure elsewhere.

You stand a chance to enjoy a 20% discount on your private jet charter and luxury villa rental, thanks to our esteemed partners. We will take advantage of the luxury villa’s gap periods and empty-leg flights for the private jets to provide you with the most affordable travel options.

Here are some other partners who would facilitate our requirements for this travel package:



GainJet makes flying easy and stress-free. They provide an efficient, top-notch service for only the most important people. With Gain Jet, you don’t have to bother about prolonged downtimes, logistics, or other travel support activities. Instead, you can safely rest knowing that you will arrive at your destination safely and on time.

GainJet Aviation is a leading worldwide private jet charter operator and management company. Based in Athens, Greece with an office in London, UK.

Their versatile fleet offers a wide range of VIP aircraft, positioned throughout Europe and the Middle East to provide our clients with the best VIP travel requests

So, enjoy your flight, GAIN THE SKIES and let them take care of the rest.


Xtreme Security

Xtreme Security is a residential security company that caters to several high-profile individuals. They have well-trained security operatives that can safeguard your residence and protect you from burglaries, theft, and any other petty crimes. Regardless of your Villa, hotel, or apartment size, Xtreme Security can work with you to create the most effective safety measures and monitor your space.

XS Travel Management Excellent Air

XS Travel Management

XS Travel Management is one of Europe’s leading executive driving services. They provide affordable and quality transportation for high-value individuals who value their comfort and safety. They have an array of supercars and several highly-trained bodyguard drivers to ferry you to any destination of your choice.

XS Travel Management will provide luxury road transportation to individuals in our share-a-yacht holiday charter.


Edge Retreats

Edge Retreats offers the best luxury villa and home rental service. They are spread across several regions, including Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas, and the Middle East. As a frontline hospitality provider, they offer custom services, with well-trained staff and finely decorated villas guaranteed to leave you in awe.


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