Enjoy Costa Del Sol and explore the treasures of Morocco in this combined travel

Enjoy Costa Del Sol and explore the treasures of Morocco in this combined travel


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Explore Costa Del Sol and the Treasures of Morocco

Starting at Marbella, or Costa Del Sol, your journey begins along the beautiful coastline  full of history and culture. Enjoy the old historic architecture and relax on beaches with the softest of sand.

You will then board your yacht and make the trip to Marina Smir in Morocco, going through the Straight of Gibraltar. Making this journey on a day with good weather is ideal as you take the three-hour cruise to the next continent.

Once you arrive, you can explore and tour the treasured Tetouan Medina, or make plans of your own! Take a tour, explore independently, or let us arrange a direct transfer elsewhere to your next location with a helicopter charter, private jet charter, or with privately organized Jeep & 4WD Tours.

While traveling around Morocco’s Tangier, Casablanca, Marrakech, and Agadir, we will use Jeep & 4WD tours to make your transportation efficient. You will stay in each city for two days, allowing you maximum time to really soak in the culture and immerse yourself in the Moroccan atmosphere.

Visit the hotspots in each city and live life to the fullest getting lost in winding alleys, historic locations, and bustling markets along with plenty of other attractions. Involve yourself in the eccentric nightlife of Agadir, the shopping in Casablanca, and travel through caves in Marbella.

This incredible trip is the experience of a lifetime! Pick your yacht and customize your itinerary for an unforgettable journey.

Travel Schedule Overview:

Days 1-4 Costa Del Sol / Marbella

Days 4-6 Sail to Marina Smir and tour Tetouan Medina

Days 6-7 Tangier

Days 7-8 Casablanca

Days 8-11 Marrakech

Days 11-14 Agadir

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  • Yacht Charter
  • Luxury Villa Rental
  • Private Tours and Guides
  • Wine Tasting Events
  • Entertainers and Performances
  • Private Jet Charter
  • Helicopter Sightseeing's
  • Luxury Transportation
  • Security Service

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The Yacht Options

Yacht Specifications

  • Length Overall: 18,33 m
  • Beam: 5,25 m
  • Dry Weight: 28,299 kg
  • Draft: 1,30 m
  • Flat-out speed: 33.5 knots
  • Cruise speed: 18 knots


  • Cabin: 3
  • Person capacity: 6 people

Bandido 90

This incredible yacht, the Bandido 90, boasts tons of entertainment space, dining areas, and comfortable luxurious resting spots for your travels. Enjoy taking a dip in the onboard jacuzzi or have a little fun with the water toys selection while you’re on your way to Morocco. This spacious yacht can fit 12 people during a cruising trip and can sleep 8. Don’t miss out on the beautiful interior, exterior, and luxurious amenities onboard.

Yacht Specifications

| Year:

| Length:
   27.9m / 91,5ft

| Beam:
   7.7m / 25,3ft

| Cruising speed:
   8 -10knots

| Guests:
  8 pax (sleeping)

| Cabins:
  4 (double)

| Price:
1 day, 8.400€ (6 hours)
1 day, 10.200 € (8 hours)
Extra cost to go to Moroco ( Marina Smir ) is 25% of the daily charter price.

| Included:
Mooring fees at home port, crew, fuel, jacuzzi, water sports (Ski, wake board, donut), jet- ski, 2
paddle surf.

| Not included:
21% tax, extra hour / fuel per consumption 400€/h
Mooring fees in other ports, catering

*PAR EXCELLENCE gives away 5% of its partnership commission to customers as a discount.

Yacht Specifications

  • Length Overall: 18,33 m
  • Beam: 5,25 m
  • Dry Weight: 28,299 kg
  • Draft: 1,30 m
  • Flat-out speed: 33.5 knots
  • Cruise speed: 18 knots


  • Cabin: 3
  • Person capacity: 6 people

Ferretti Custom Line 94

This yacht is full of water toys and includes an abundance of drinks and snacks for you to enjoy. Settle into the comfortable interior as you make your journey to Morocco. The inside is cozy but luxurious while the outside provides the opportunity to use some of the many available water activities. This sleek and modern yacht is perfect for the trip!

Yacht Specifications

|  Length:
   29.50m / 94ft

|  Beam:
   7.10m / 21 ́6ft

|  Max speed:
   14 knots

|  Guests:
   8 pax (sleeping)

|  Crew:

|  Cabins:
   3 (double), 1 (twin ensuite)

|  Prices:
1 day, 9.950 € (8 hours)
Extra cost to go to Moroco ( Marina Smir ) is 25% of the daily charter price.

|  Included:
Fuel (40 miles for charters of 8 hours @ 8-9 knots), crew, drinks (water, soft drinks, beer, white wine and cava), canapés, sándwiches
and snacks, Water sports Jet ski, 2 seabob, 2 paddle surf, tender boat,
wáter ski, Wake board , donut.

|  Not included:
21% tax, additional hour/ fuel consumption 500€/h, mooring in other ports

*PAR EXCELLENCE gives away 5% of its partnership commission to customers as a discount.

PAR EXCELLENCE gives away 10% of its partnership commission to customers as a discount.


Days 1-4 Costa Del Sol / Marbella


Upon arriving at your Luxury Villa managed exclusively by PAR EXCELLENCE, you now have the freedom to explore all that Costa Del Sol has to offer.

Luxury Villa in Marbella

As you begin your journey through Costa Del Sol in Marbella, you will find yourself staying in the Luxury Villa managed exclusively by PAR EXCELLENCE. The villa is so expansive and luxurious with unmatched views, you may not even want to leave this beautiful location full of amenities.


For your stay in Marbella we would provide you luxury villa that offers
Dynamic Discount for Partners

FREE Signature Diamond Luxury Package worth €2,456 added to your villa rental

• Daily fresh breakfasts
• 5-star private professional chef dining experience
• Premium welcome pack
• Luxury BBQ pack – all ingredients ready for a delicious BBQ
• Premium Drinks pack inc. premium spirits, wines and beer
• Unlimited supply of fresh drinking water
• Villa pre-arrival shopping service
• Early check-in & late check-out if available
• Daily housekeeping
• Fresh fruit and fresh flowers on arrival

Your total rental price for 4 nights
You save
=€2,022 + €2.456 Signature Diamond Luxury Package

PAR EXCELLENCE gives away 10% of its partnership commission to customers as a discount.

During your stay in Marbella, you can visit some iconic must-see locations. There are bustling markets enclosed in spectacular architecture and the iconic Picasso Museum Malaga, home to over 200 works of his.

The area is rich with incredible history, architecture, and beaches. The historical streets of Marbella Old Town are a great place to really soak in that Marbella culture, with beautiful buildings, abundant shops, and more places to eat than you can imagine!

Stop at some of the most famous beaches in Costa Del Sol to catch some sun and feel the soft, warm sand between your toes. Go for a swim in the vibrant blue waters then settle down to dry off in the sun, there is nothing like the atmosphere of Costa Del Sol.

If you’re feeling a little tired of the sun, explore the massive limestone Caves of Nerja, full of its own complex history and discoveries of Bronze Age human remains. Explore the caverns using the walkways or take a tour, and maybe even check if a music festival is being held within the caves!

If you want to be amazed by some grand architecture, there are plenty of incredible places to take in. Walk through history at Gibralfaro Castle and the surrounding fortress once home to a luxurious lifestyle, or walk the grounds of Colomares Monument, a grand castle tributed to Christopher Colombus. If you still want to gaze upon ancient castles, visit the 10th-century Castillo Sohail.

Feast your eyes on the awe-striking beauty that is the Malaga Cathedral, taking over 250 years to construct, its a wondrous location to take the time to see. If you want to see more greenery, wander through the Malaga Botanical Garden to explore over 2,000 species of plants and take in the incredible sea views.

Top destinations in Costa Del Sol

  • Soak in the sun at Maro Beach and visit the nearby waterfall
  • Wander through the Caves of Nerja
  • Walk the grounds of the grand Colomares Monument castle
  • Shop and explore the Atrazanas Market
  • Take in the beauty the Malaga Cathedral has to offer
  • Stroll through the Malaga Botanical Garden
  • Enjoy the energy of Marbella Old Town’s atmosphere

Days 4-6 Sail to Marina Smir and tour Tetouan Medina

As you embark on your choice of yacht and set sail for Morocco, this 3-hour trip will allow you to take full advantage of all the amenities it has to offer. Once you arrive at Marina Smir in Morocco, we can arrange a guided tour of Tetouan Medina, a declared World Heritage site. If this piques your interest, we will arrange for the guide to meet you upon arrival at the port.

Marina Smir itself is a stunning location, boasting blue waters with a hilly green backdrop. The area is a hub of luxury, giving you access to top-notch cafés, restaurants, bars, and shops. Beaches of soft white sand will make you feel like you stepped foot in pure paradise.

Tetouan was extremely important in the Islamic period, rebuilt by Andalusian refugees and serving as the main point of contact between Morocco and Andalusia. The architecture and atmosphere remain largely untouched by outside influence, still portraying clear Andalusian culture, layout, and influence.

Spend 3 hours touring the colonial area, visiting Souk, and stopping by craft shops and restaurants. If a guided tour isn’t your style you can take a round-trip taxi and explore Tetouan Medina yourself, leaving you the freedom to tour! Visit the bustling local markets and get lost in the narrow streets surrounded by stunning architecture.

If you don’t wish to stop and stay at Tetouan, we are perfectly happy to arrange a direct transfer to your next location with a helicopter charter, private jet charter, or with privately organized Jeep & 4WD Tours.

Top destinations in Tetouan:

  • Walk along the Ancient Wall surrounding the city
  • Journey through the Souk District for charming shops and merchant stands
  • Shop through the streets of Guersa El Kebira, where textile and clothing traders set up with beautiful local textiles
  • Visit El Hot Market to find handcrafted jewelry and ceramic works
  • Gaze upon the beautiful historic landmark, the Great Mosque of Tetouan

Days 6-7 Tangier

Spend a couple of days enjoying the wonders of Tangier while staying in a luxury hotel. Tangier is known for its beauty inspiring many artists such as Henri Matisse as well as the massive cargo port allowing international commerce, making the city a hub and a destination. Enjoy the many beautiful beaches and historical locations during your stay.

Bathe in both luxury and history while wandering through The Kasbah, finding boutique shops and museums as you learn the culture that makes this city come to life. Right next to the museums, you will find yourself at the Bab Al Bahr gate, hosting a beautiful view of Gibraltar.

Wanting to go out and enjoy the natural landscape? Visit Cape Spartel national park and stop by the lighthouse for beautiful natural scenery and a great view of the blue waters. After that, you can take a trip down to Hercules Cave and surrounding beaches to really soak up the natural beauty in Tangier.

Get back into the lively city by visiting the Tangier Medina, a bustling area full of souks, old architecture, winding pathways, and unique local clothing shops. There are plenty of cute cafės to stop by and breathe in the Tangier breeze.

Top destinations in Tangier

  • Shop and wander in Tangier’s Medina and Souks
  • Enter the Kasbah Museum and Contemporary Art Museum all in one spot
  • Visit the beautiful Kasbah and explore the history and shops in the area
  • Journey through the beautiful natural scenery at Cape Spartel and its lighthouse
  • Check out the American Legation Museum, a historic building and only US National Historic Landmark on foreign soil
  • Visit Sol Beach for a relaxing day in the sun

Days 7-8 Casablanca

As you leave your luxury hotel to explore the city of Casablanca, you will be dazzled by the energetic and more modernized city, still rich with culture and bustling every day Moraccan life. As the largest city in Morocco, the food is exquisite and the destinations are not to be missed!

Stroll along the beautiful La Corniche, a seafront promenade with access to a lovely beach and restaurants with unbeatable views. The gentle sea breeze will follow you along your walk as you look for a lively bar to watch the sunset and enjoy the nightlife. Food ranges from fancy French locations to smaller local joints serving a taste of the culture.

After you’ve taken in modern Moroccan life, step back in time and wander through the winding alleys of Casablanca’s Medina. Here, you can journey through vibrant open-air markets and little shops littering the narrow streets for an authentic look at Moroccan history.

See the city’s most famous landmark, Hassan II Mosque. Built to honor the former king’s birthday, the minaret stands 210 meters tall right on the edge of the water, truly a sight to behold. For another astonishing example of Moroccan architecture, take in the beauty of Mahkama Du Pacha

Top destinations in Casablanc

  • Walk along the seafront of La Corniche for amazing views, beaches, and restaurants
  • Enjoy the historically significant Mohammed V Square
  • Shop at the largest mall in Africa, the Morocco Mall
  • Gaze upon the massive beauty of the towering Hassan II Mosque
  • Journey through the old streets of Casablanca’s Medina
  • Visit the famous Ain Diab Beach

Days 8-11 Marrakech


Check in to your private Luxury Villa directly managed by PAR EXCELLENCE and then set off on an adventure through the streets of Marrakech.

Luxury Villa in Marrakech

This private Luxury Villa managed by PAR EXCELLENCE will be your playground during your stay in Marrakech to use the luxury accommodations. Feel like royalty as you take a dip in the 25-meter pool and call over your own personal butler. This villa has quick and easy access to the city and markets for your exploration needs.

For your stay at Marrakech we would provide you luxury villa that offers
ample space for up to 10 guests across its 5 enormous en-suite bedrooms.

3.000 € per day
*Cleaning fees included

PAR EXCELLENCE gives away 10% of its partnership commission to customers as a discount.


The vibrant colors, Moroccan smells, and unique sights will immerse you in this fascinating city. This city is much more alive and busy than others you’ve visited so far, but it makes the experience more lively and enjoyable as you roam the streets.

Start off by visiting the Jardin Majorelle, a vibrant blue house acquired and restored by Yves St Laurent. The botanical garden paradise around the house was also restored to its former glory, and there’s nothing else like this beautiful location.

Of course, take some time to get lost in Marrakech’s bustling Medina, a labyrinth of markets surrounded by incredible and vibrant tilework on the surrounding architecture. At the heart of this Medina is the world-famous Jamaa El Fnaa square, experiencing unique entertainers such as snake charmers, and enjoying some fresh street food and juices at the stalls sprinkled throughout the area.

After you finish wandering through the Medina, admire the stunning Moroccan architecture of Ben Youssef Madrassa and then immerse yourself in traditional smells and tastes at the Souks. Breathe in the spices and take in the sights as you make lasting memories in this beautiful, lively market space.

The extraordinary Bahia Palace is a great destination to immerse yourself in tranquility as you enjoy the courtyard, stained glass windows, intricate tilework, fountains, and orange trees at this location.

Top destinations in Marrakech

  • Walk through the gardens and set your sights on the legendary blue house, the Jardin Majorelle House
  • Take in the atmosphere Bahia Palace creates
  • Stop at Jamaa El Fnaa square for unique entertainment
  • Visit the main Souk area, Souk Semmarine
  • Wander back in time through the Marrakech Medina streets
  • Explore the spices and tastes from nowhere else in the world at the Souk Place Des Epices
  • Enjoy the amenities of your Luxury Villa managed by PAR EXCELLENCE

Days 11-14 Agadir


As a hotspot for Europe’s rich and famous, you too will feel this luxury and expensive energy from your Luxury Resort stay at Paradis Plage Surf Yoga and Spa Resort.

Paradis Plage Surf Yoga & Spa Resort in Agadir

This luxury location offers incredible and unique amenities for you to enjoy during your stay in Agadir. Enjoy a relaxing day at their Paradise Eco Spa with a blend of different traditions and make your way to Yoga Shala or their Surf House. Take full advantage of these accommodations and immerse yourself in Moroccan culture with their local and organic dining options.

For your stay at Paradis Plage Surf Yoga & Spa Resort in Agadir
we would provide you Two Luxury Villa and Two Luxury Bungalows

500 € per day for a Villa
400 € per day for Bungalow

PAR EXCELLENCE gives away 10% of its partnership commission to customers as a discount.


Explore the famous beaches that this city is known for or book a camel ride at sunset and enjoy beautiful mountain and ocean views from the beach to the desert. This city has a vibrant nightlife just waiting for you to go out and experience.

The city square is a more modern center of the city, hosting several monuments, museums, and incredible architecture. This city’s Souk area is a must-see, supporting around 6,000 stalls full of diverse cultural goods and local handmade items. Enjoy some bartering as you make your way through the never-ending stalls.

In the Kasbah district stands one of the last remaining proper historic attractions due to massive earthquakes leveling most of the other historic buildings. The hilltop Agadir Oufella’s thick and sturdy orange walls still stand proudly. The views from this location are impeccable and wondrous.

As your trip comes to a close, there is no better place to spend your last few days than Agadir. Spend some time at Agadir’s Paradise Valley, a stunning location with clear blue waters surrounded by lush greenery. Hike through the beautiful forest or go for a swim in the natural pools with waterfalls dotted around you.

This destination has plenty of parks and attractions for you to visit. See the diverse reptiles at Crocoparc or get out of the sun and cool off at Agadir Birds Valley. Maybe you want to hang out with some dolphins, which you can do at Dolphin World.

Top destinations in Agadir

  • Observe some beautiful birds at Agadir Birds Valley
  • Get up close to some amazing reptiles that Crocoparc features
  • Visit the surfing beaches Tamraght and Aourir
  • Stroll through the Souk El Had D’agadir open-air market
  • View the stunning Amazigh Museum showcases
  • Visit the less bustling Anza Beach
  • Set your sights on Agadir Oufella’s historical value
  • Interact with dolphins at Dolphin World
  • Explore the lush beauty of Paradise Valley and go for a relaxing swim


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Enjoy Costa Del Sol and explore the treasures of Morocco in this combined travel


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