Enjoy A Combined Cruise Travel Around Palma De Mallorca & Menorca on a Luxury Yacht

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Enjoy A Combined Cruise Travel Around Palma De Mallorca & Menorca on a Luxury Yacht


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Mallorca, the Largest of the Balearic Islands, Awaits You

Mallorca is a beautiful island in Spain and is considered the largest of all the Balearic Islands. Over time, it has become a tourism hotspot due to its rich cultural heritage, lovely nature, and exciting city lifestyle. We are allowing you to experience firsthand why this city is so famous with our shared yacht charter. This twelve-day travel will give you ample time to experience everything that Mallorca and Menorca offers while ensuring you enjoy peak comfort. Your adventure will begin at a luxury villa where you will stay for three days before you enjoy six fun-filled days on a superyacht, sailing around the islands. Finally, you will enjoy three more days at the luxury villa on the island of Menorca before returning home. We have so many surprises prepared to ensure you have the best time. In addition, we will also provide you with household staff, a personal driver, and maximum security.

Your travel schedule

  • 3 days in Palma
  • Soller
  • Alcudia
  • Cala d’Or
  • 5 days in Menorca

Welcome to Villa Crystal, Villa provided by our partner.


Upon arrival at the city of Mallorca, we will convey you to Villa Crystal, a luxury residence prepared for you by our partner BALLEARIC Home Mallorca, where you will spend the first three days of this holiday adventure.

The standard all-year rate for travelers looking to stay at Villa Cristal is set at €14,400. Clients will be charged €19,200 between June and September, and €24,000 between July and August.



For your five-day journey through the Balearic Islands, you will enjoy on the Snowbird, a luxury yacht provided by one of our partners. This is no ordinary travel experience. Our shared yacht charter delivers only the best in terms of quality, so you can be assured that every hour on your holiday adventure will be the most memorable.

Our 39m luxury superyacht dons a splendid build, with its steel hull and aluminum superstructure, making it a truly lightweight water vessel relative to other yachts of similar size. Its spectacular design doesn’t just stop on the outside. On board, you will be amazed by the fine display of art masterpieces by several skilled artists. Maybe you just want to have fun and play around with your co-travelers. Well, in that case, there are paddleboats, jet skis, and many other gadgets on your superyacht.

There is also a workout station to help you get your fitness levels up and leave you with the refreshing feeling that accompanies a great workout. So get ready to experience Mallorca like never before.

PAR EXCELLENCE gives away 10% of its partnership commission to customers as a discount.

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  • Household staff
  • Luxury Villa Rental
  • Private party and performances at the villa
  • Wine tasting
  • Tasty cuisines
  • Yacht Charter
  • Helicopter charter
  • Jet charter
  • Security service
  • Personal driver

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Yacht Snowbird

SNOWBIRD has a weekly charter price starting at €145,000 and
an estimated daily charter price of €24,200.
•7.260 € per person


Length – 39m
Max speed – 13.5 knots
Water capacity – 10.000 liters


1 Master cabin
2 Double cabins
2 Twin cabins
2 Pullman cabins
No. of guests – 12
No. of crew members – 6


Enjoy VIP Treatment as you Travel to Mallorca with Excellent Air

For our holiday charter guests heading into Mallorca, Excellent Air represents the perfect service to meet your unique private aircraft needs. You will experience comfort at its finest with luxury treatment from their highly skilled personnel. Whether you are going on this trip alone, with family, or with friends, Excellent Air will provide you with the right private jet to take you to Mallorca without any hiccups. We pay extreme attention to detail, so you can be sure that every aspect, from your private jet’s seating arrangement to its cabin height, will be perfect, and you won’t have any worries during your trip. Thanks to Excellent Air, your relaxation begins right from the plane, even before you step into your private luxury villa.


Enjoy a Fascinating Tour Led by Our Private Guide Partner

You don’t have to walk through Mallorca alone. Mallorca Private Tour Guides, our private tour partner will be on the ground to ensure that each second spent in this city is worthwhile. In case you are not sure where next to visit on your travel adventure, they will provide useful suggestions of some top sites in Mallorca and go along with you as you learn and experience this lively town’s culture.


DAY 1 - Arrival in Mallorca


Welcome to Villa Crystal, Villa provided by our partner.

Spend the first three days at Villa Crystal, a luxury six-room villa that can accommodate up to 12 guests. Enjoy a lovely breakfast before you head out to the main town as you explore its fantastic beaches, awe-inspiring structures, and unique mountains. XS Travel Management will provide you with a supercar to take you anywhere within the city. To ensure that you get the best out of your trip, our partners at Xtreme Security will also be in charge of your safety within and outside the villa.

At your residence, we will provide you with the best meals and organize private event where you can unwind with performances by famous Spanish acts and taste some of the homemade local wines On this unique holiday adventure, you will also be privileged to go on a wine-tasting adventure and experience firsthand the splendid wineries in Mallorca.

PAR EXCELLENCE gives away 10% of its partnership commission to customers as a discount.

Relax and Have Fun at the Palma Aquarium or any of Mallorca’s Other Natural Parks

Of course, your journey would not be complete without seeing the Palma Aquarium. Witness a glimpse of the ocean and Mallorca’s lovely sea creatures  by spending time at this location fondly referred to  as ‘the aquarium of the Balearic Islands.’ Now you don’t have to go to the oceans, on this Palma adventure, we can bring the oceans to you.

If you don’t wish to visit the Palma Aquarium, there are many other parks you can visit such as Cala Deia, Cala Figuera Beach, and Patja de Palma. Each of these locations is a perfect choice to play interesting games and enjoy a beautiful water view.

Drach Caves

Your travel tour drives you to the east coast where you’ll pass through the picturesque town Porto Cristo, a lovely fishing harbor (approx. 1 hour driving away from Palma), and cross little villages, enjoying the Mallorcan windmills to reach the famous Drach Caves, which holds the largest underground lake in Europe, as acknowledged by the Guinness Book of Records.

This visit to the caves takes about an hour and includes a great concert performed on the lake, where musicians are seated in small fishing boats, and a spectacular illumination show, “The sun rising show”. After the concert, if you desire, there will be a boat ride on the lake. 

Majorcan Pearl Factories

Additionally, with this tour, you have the option to visit one of the famous Majorcan Pearl factories, the second most important industry in Mallorca. This site is located near Drach Caves and is the where you to learn how Majorcan famous high-quality artificial jewelries are made.

DAY 2 – Explore Palma, the Capital City of Mallorca

Palma, Mallorca’s city capital, has several places you can visit. On your travel adventure, you will have the opportunity to explore all the top spots in this town for yourself. As you step out from your villa, our luxury transport vehicle will be on the ground to convey you to any destination you choose in Palma. Get set for a fun-filled day as you enjoy the sights and sounds of this fascinating city.

Palma Farmers Market

Palma’s Farmers Market is a great place to purchase organic food products, olive oil, cheese, wines, and many other items. Your local tour guide will pick you up from your residence and take you on a tour around this colorful location where you can also take lovely pictures (Note that the Palma Farmers Market is closed on Sundays so another location will be chosen if your trip falls on this particular day of the week). You´ll watch how the Jamon Serrano (Typical Spanish cured ham) is manually sliced, an activity that is considered an art, and you will taste this delicious Spanish delicacy served with Spanish wine.

Discover the Palma Old Town

Palma Old Town is arguably one of the most popular tourist destinations in this buzzing city. You will get to encounter its narrow streets, courtyards, and palaces and see the Plaza Joan Carlos. In addition, you can take a trip to the cathedral to discover some of the amazing works of the famous 19th-century architect Antoni Gaudi.

You can also taste a delicious Llonguet (Majorcan sandwich) and some croquettes or a typical mix of tapas served with wine or beer. If you would like a specific type of Tapas or you prefer to have lunch at any of the top restaurants or fine dining locations around the city, you can always do so as well. To close the tasting experience, visit the oldest coffee shop in Mallorca, located in the heart of the old town, a hidden spot to savor delicious hot chocolate or artisan ice cream served with the local Ensaimada.

Visit Bellver Castle

You can also see Bellver Castle. This building which adopts a gothic-style look, rests on a 3km hill near Palma’s center. With its history dating back to the 14th century and its unique design, this landmark structure sure makes for fantastic viewing.

DAY 3 - Visit Valldemossa as you Explore the Inner Parts of the Island

A tour to visit Valldemossa (approx. 40 min ride from Palma), the most charming town on this island, located in a valley surrounded by the Tramuntana mountains, declared a world heritage Site by UNESCO.

Valldemossa is well-known because it was the place where the famous pianist and composer Frederic Chopin and the French writer George Sand spent a winter in Mallorca in 1838/1839.
In Valldemossa, you can visit the  Carthusian monastery where Chopin lived, including the rose garden, the oldest pharmacy on the island, Chopin´s room nº2, and the King Sancho Palace where you’ll enjoy an amazing live-performed piano concert with music composed by Chopin during his stay in Valldemossa. We can manage a special private concert for our group only.

Also, you will have some free time for leisure to enjoy this lovely town, with its nice pedestrian alleys decorated with colorful plants and flowers and nice stone facades with ceramic tiles decorated with pictures of  St Catherine Thomas, the saint born in Valldemossa. 

Furthermore, there will be time for shopping at the local stores as well as the opportunity to visit an art gallery as Valldemossa is considered a hub for artists. If you want to do something else, you could just relax in lovely coffee shops and terraces to enjoy a delicious hot chocolate or frozen almond milk served with Coca de Patata (local  Valldemossa cake).

Experience the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca

You could take a trip to the Le Seu, the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca, another gothic-style building and one of the city’s most popular attractions. Called the ‘cathedral of light,’ this building is arguably one of Europe’s tallest structures. On this journey, you could view its 61 stained-glass windows and the magnificent display it produces when the sun beams its light against them.

DAY 4 - Enjoy a Scenic Drive

Drive approximately one hour on the scenic coast road, a great drive along the coastline through Deia, a lovely town where the British writer Robert Graves was living. On this breathtaking drive, you will also get to see the millenary olive trees growing in the stone farming terraces and the cliffs of the Northwest coast with stunning sea views. Then, we’ll arrive at Soller, where you will have a little free time to enjoy this beautiful village.

On reaching Soller (the heart of the orange valley), you have different options: if you are interested in art, you could visit the Miro and Picasso Exhibition where you’ll enjoy amazing architecture, and the art nouveau style inspired by Gaudi. There is also a nice shopping area with local products such as olive oil, marmalades, etc.

In Soller, there is a small farmer’s market, nice squares and alleys, and gorgeous places to take pictures. In addition to these, you also don´t want to miss a visit to the famous ice cream factory.

On this tour, you can enjoy lunch in a restaurant in Port Soller so you can taste delicious Spanish Paella. Or, you could try something different and experience a private cooking class with a chef, or see an artist’s studio for yourself. Finally, the excitement can be brought directly to your villa as you can enjoy a private lunch with a famous Mallorcan chef.

Explore Soller

Soller is generally regarded as one of the most alluring islands in Mallorca. Before heading back to Palma, you will visit this lovely city. There are too many things to do and places to see on your short visit to Soller. You could see the Museum of Modernism, or visit the Church of St. Bartomeu. Or if you prefer a completely different experience, you could see the famous citrus farm, Ecovinyassa.

Ride on the Soller Train-Orange Blossom Express

A great experience riding the oldest wooden train in Europe (1912), the orange blossom express. The train ride takes approx. 45 min, riding through amazing landscapes through Sierra de Tramuntana, which has been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO.

When you reach Soller (the heart of the orange valley) you have different options: if you are interested in art, you have the possibility to visit Miro and Picasso exhibition, in Soller, you’ll enjoy its amazing architecture, art nouveau style (inspired by Gaudi).

There is also a nice shopping area with local products such as olive oil, marmalades, etc.

In Soller, there is a small farmer’s market, nice squares and alleys, and a beautiful place to take pictures. Also, you don´t want to miss a visit to the famous ice cream factory. We have the option to ride by tram (1913) to the port similar to the San Francisco cable car or by bus.

Enjoy a Nice Lunch

Next, you can proceed to enjoy a wonderful lunch. Soler has a wide range of restaurants that offer various dishes from local delights to fast food and fine dining. Pick and choose what you desire as you enjoy your stay in this buzzing city. 

DAY 5 - Visit Es Calderers

Start your morning with a tour of the historic finca of Els Calderers. This Majorcan manor house is a great place to immerse yourself in the city’s culture and heritage. Learn about Majorca’s ancient practices, traditions, and technology as you walk through this building’s stone walls.

See the Rafa Nadal Museum

If you enjoy sports, you can also visit the Rafa Nadal Museum to see trophies, rackets, and other monuments pointing back to the tennis legend’s grand slam victories. Enjoy a front-row seat to some of Rafa Nadal’s greatest memories as you gain insights into his background and history.

Board Snowbird, our Luxury Yacht

Next, you will board your superyacht, where you will enjoy as you cruise around the Balearic Islands. We will transport you directly from your private villa to this sea vessel with a luxury supercar courtesy of our partners at XS Travel Management.

A Sublime Experience Awaits you on the Snowbird Superyacht

On the yacht, you and your travel companions will be treated to several exciting activities you won’t forget in a hurry. You will wake up in the mornings to a sumptuous breakfast as you wait in anticipation for the fantastic surprises each day will hold. We will be organizing many private events which you are sure to enjoy.

If you enjoy wine tasting, you will most definitely love your stay at this luxury superyacht. Get set to quench your thirst with some of the finest wines in Mallorca, with each sip producing a refreshing feeling that can’t be described. That’s not all. You will also be entertained by performances from some of the best artists in Mallorca.

DAY 6 - Explore Alcudia

There are many places you can visit in Alcudia. You could take a trip to the Alcudia Old Town which was established over 2000 years ago. It is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the most popular locations in Alcudia.

Most remarkable in the Old Town are its large city walls which have existed for several centuries. You can climb up these walls or visit any of the nearby restaurants in the area.

Alcudia Beach

Alcudia Beach is one of the largest beaches in all Mallorca. It is a great place to unwind and have fun with your fellow travelers. You could try enjoying some water sports or just relax and admire the colorful waters at this beautiful destination.

Experience Pollensa

Located in the northern part of the Island of Mallorca, this age-old town bears a rich history and is reputed to be a home for artists, writers, and other creatives. There are several places to visit, including the Roman Bridge, Port de Pollensa, and Puig de Pollensa, a monastery cited on the outskirts of this beautiful city.

Eat Lunch at any of Pollensa’s Top Beach Clubs

This cosmopolitan island has a large number of beach clubs where you can relax and grab lunch after an exhilarating time exploring the city. You could go to Marenita Beach Bar, Club Pollensa, or LLaut Beach Bar, and enjoy a nice meal and a refreshing drink.

Go Wine Tasting at Majorca’s Finest Wineries

You could go on a discovery tour of the countryside where you will explore Majorca’s rich wine history.  See the Majorcan wine area and learn about how the various flavors of wine are produced. Apart from learning, you will also get to savor these tasty majorcan specialties and possibly enjoy a private lunch in the winery.

Or we could organize your own wine tasting event in one of our partners villa together with the local musicians.


Luxury Private Dinner and Wine Tasting at Villa CIELO DE BONAIRE

Villa CIELO DE BONAIRE is one of the best luxury villas in the Balearic Islands. Before your breathtaking helicopter excursion, you will have the chance to enjoy a private dinner and participate in a wine tasting event at this stunning nine-bedroom apartment. Head to this luxury villa where you will spend the night ahead of another exciting day.

Helicopter Excursion directly from Villa

With our shared holiday charter, we stretch the limits of luxury to the max. After wine tasting and dinner, we will provide you the option of sightseeing on a helicopter, courtesy of Balearic Helicopters. The unique view from above the ground is guaranteed to leave you speechless and add an extra level of excitement to an already perfect trip, directly from a villa since the villa has her own helipad.

DAY 7 - Spend Time at Cala d’Or

Start your Morning at Cala d’Or on the southeastern coast of Mallorca. The Golden Bay, as it is fondly called, has served as a holiday destination for a long time due to its lovely beaches and resorts. There are many places you can visit in Cala d’Or. A perfect example is the Parc Natural de Mondrago natural reserve, where you can enjoy a fantastic hiking experience.

Another option you can explore in Cala d’Or is spending time at any of its top-class beaches. There are many options available to you, including Cala Gran, Cala Ferrera, and Cala Esmeralda.

DAY 8 - Cruise to Menorca to Complete your Thrilling Holiday Tour


Welcome to Villa Benedicta, Villa provided by our partner.

  • Villa has a rental price of 10.000 € per day
  • 3.000 € per person for a 3 nights

Welcome to Villa Benedicta, Your World-Class Luxury Villa

Villa Benedicta is a large discrete residence located in the City of Menorca between Alaior and sea Migjorn. This 1000m2 building can take up to 22 guests in each of its 11 en-suite rooms. Villa Benedicta is a two-story edifice with vaulted ceilings and the characteristic Menorcan whitewashed walls.  It is also located very near a beach, so you can easily step out of your accommodation to relax and have some fun.

In your luxury villa, you will have access to a private pool and tennis court, a gym, and many other amenities to make your stay in Menorca memorable.  You could also hang out with your co-travelers in the well-decorated Alfresco dining area or play exciting outdoor games. Villa Benedicta is arguably the best accommodation you can get in Menorca. And we will be providing you with this luxury residence for your trip courtesy of Edge Retreats.

PAR EXCELLENCE gives away 10% of its partnership commission to customers as a discount.

DAY 9 - East & South of Menorca


Visit Mahón, the capital of Menroca

After you settled down in your villa, and had some relaxed time,  Mahón is the best place to begin your tour of the island. It houses the biggest natural harbour in the Mediterranean, taken over by many empires, from the Romans to the French. This explains the mix of architecture styles you’ll find throughout the city.

It’s easy to explore Mahón on foot and see all of its main attractions. We recommend starting at the Santa Maria Church. There’s been a religious site here since at least the 14th century, but the building you see today dates back to 1748. Its bell tower can be spotted from all over the city.

Just a few steps from the church, you’ll find the Town Hall with its striking neoclassical façade.

Then head towards the Pont De Sant Roc, a stone gate that was once part of the city’s medieval walls.

You can end your visit with a free tour of the Museum of Menorca. Set inside a Baroque convent, the museum tells you everything about Menorca’s history, with a prestigious collection of archaeological items from the Talaiotic, Roman, Byzantine and Islamic eras. You’ll also see historical maps, sculptures and other art forms spread across multiple floors.


You can end your visit with a free tour of the Museum of Menorca

Located in Mahon, the Museum of Menorca is a Baroque-themed architectural masterpiece that attracts several visitors who desire to see its many age-old relics. You could visit this location and feast your eyes on ancient treasures from the Roman to the Byzantine eras. Between sculptures, paintings, and many other artifacts, there is enough to keep you occupied at this location.

Fort Marlborough

The imposing Fort Marlborough stands on the southern end of Mahón’s harbour. It was built in the 1720s, by the British, with a particular purpose: to protect the city and its port. During the 18th century, part of the fort was destroyed, but it was later rebuilt. While in the area, you get the perfect sense of the island’s military history. Visitors have the chance to witness siege re-enactments with special effects and uniformed soldiers. You can walk through the tunnels and rock-carved rooms while admiring the views of the Cala de Sant Esteve, as well as the remains of the Castell de Sant Felip and the Torre d’en Penjat.



The fishing village of Binibeca is only a short ride from Mahón. It has less than 200 residents, and while it looks old, it was actually built during the 70s. Spanish architect Antonio Sintes Mercadal created this Moorish-style village full of narrow lanes and whitewashed houses. Make your way to the Plaza Mayor, where you’ll find the village’s main church. From here you can wander around the centre or head towards the sea. The calm bay close to the harbour is perfect for snorkelling as the water is quite shallow. You’ll see many fish hiding between the rocky formations.

Cala Binidali

Just a few miles from Binibeca, you’ll find Cala Binidali, a tiny beach where you can go for another dip. It’s not as famous as other places on the island, which means you’ll often have it all to yourself. The only downside is that there’s only a small sandy section to lay on.

Torralba d’en Salort

From the beach, take a detour to visit the archaeological site of Torralba d’en Salort, a well preserved Talayotic village located around 13km northwest of Mahón. As soon as you arrive, you’ll notice the colossal stone monument known as taula. You’ll also spot Bronze Age megaliths, various caves, plus old pillars and walls made of boulders. Archaeologists believe that this place was occupied from 1.000 BC until the Roman occupation. Ancient settlements like these can be spotted all over the island. Trepuco, for example, is another important site, which is considered Menorca’s prehistoric capital.

Cala en Porter

From Torralba d’en Salort, drive back to the coast towards the Cala en Porter, one of Menorca’s most beautiful coves. The white sand beach and crystal waters are protected by massive cliffs, making it the perfect spot to sunbathe while being sheltered from the wind. The beach shares its name with the surrounding village, home to several restaurants and bars.



Cova d’en Xoroi

Welcome to one of the most photographed spots of the inland. Even though Menorca isn’t known for its nightlife, Cova d’en Xoroi is the place to go if you’re looking for a livelier evening. Perched on a cliff, this bar is one of the island’s best sunset spots. Book a table if you want to watch the spectacular natural show on the terrace overlooking the ocean and then continue the party in the disco grotto. Don’t leave without ordering the Pomada, Menorca’s signature cocktail made with gin, lemonade, ice and a lemon slice.

DAY 10 - West & South

Wine tasting at Binitord Bodega

Spend your morning touring one of the many wineries around Menorca, like Binitord Bodega. Located around 6km from the village of Ciutadella, this family-run winery occupies a deactivated quarry and follows sustainable practices. It produces a handful of wines, including white, red and rose, plus a delicious artisanal vermouth.



After the wine tasting at Binitord, make your way up to the centre of Ciutadella. Also known as Vella i Bella (“Old and Beautiful”), this charming village was once the island’s capital. It was founded by the Carthaginians and nearly destroyed during the 1558 Turkish invasion, but most of it was rebuilt around the 17th century.

It’s a perfect place to walk, as the streets are almost traffic-free. Take a moment to wander through the historic centre, passing through the Plaça des Born and Plaça de s’Esplanada. Make sure to visit the Catedral de Santa Maria, a 14th-century church displaying a mix of Gothic, Baroque and Neoclassical elements. Then head down to the Castillo de San Nicolás for the best views in town or towards the harbour, where you’ll find many souvenir shops.

Pedreres de s’Hostal

On the outskirts of the Ciutadella is the Port Lithica, also known as Pedreres de s’Hostal. This ancient limestone quarry is now famous for its labyrinths and botanical garden created between the rock formations. It often welcomes events, like exhibitions, workshops and concerts.

Naveta d’es Tudons

Not far from Lithica is the Naveta d’es Tudons, a stone burial chamber constructed around 1000 BC. It’s located 6km east of Ciutadella, and it’s a fascinating spot for history buffs as it’s one of the most iconic megalithic sites on the island.


Cala Galdana

Spend the afternoon exploring Menorca’s south coast. Start with Cala Galdana, a popular beach resort backed by hotels and lush green hills. You can spend the day relaxing by the sand, but if you prefer something more active, you can walk along the promenade or go kayaking. From here, you can hop on a boat trip to discover the nearby coves of Cala Macarella, Cala Mitjana and Cala Turqueta. This last one is an ideal spot for snorkelling or cliff jumping.

Es Migjorn

The next stop is Es Migjorn, a rural village dating back to the 18th century. Like other towns on the island, the houses here are mostly painted white, but you can see a few red or blue façades dotted around. It’s one of the most peaceful towns in Menorca, with very few residents (mainly musicians and artists). You can stay around the centre, where you’ll find the Sant Cristófol church or follow the path to the Platja Binigaus if you’re up for a seaside hike.

Torre d’en Galmés

Menorca is full of Talayotic sites, but this is perhaps the most famous and best-preserved monument of that era. Start off at the information centre to understand the history of this place, then head outside to admire the overall scenario of dwellings, religious buildings and megaliths.

Monte Toro

From Es Mercadal, you can easily head up to Monte Toro, the highest mountain on the island. You can drive there or park in the city and then cycle or hike to the top. Once you reach the peak, you can’t miss the Santuario de la Virgen de Monte Toro, an imposing sanctuary that has been a pilgrimage site for decades. The panoramic views from here are truly unbelievable, as you can see nearly the entire island. Before you go, you can sit at the nearby café and recharge for a bit.

Day 11 - North & East


Cala Pregonda

Start your last day in Menorca with a picnic at one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Cala Pregonda is an isolated cove on the north coast featuring a mix of yellow and red sand. It’s a 30-minute hike from Binimel, but if you don’t fancy walking there, you can also take a boat. Whichever way you get there, the journey is well worth it.


Continue along the coast towards Fornells, another one of Menorca’s whitewashed villages. It’s a pleasure to walk around its tiny port or hop on a sailing boat from here. This fishing town is also famous for one of the region’s delicious treats: the Menorcan lobster stew. If you’re a seafood lover, you can try this dish at one of the village’s restaurants.

Cheese tasting at Subaida

Besides the wine, Menorca is also renowned for its delicious cheese known as Queso de Mahón. Production has been around for over 1000 years, and it’s in Subaida that you can taste the best cheese. They offer four cheese types: tierno (soft and aged for five weeks); semi curado (firmer and aged for three months); curado (firmer and aged for six months); and añejo (very similar to parmesan, cave-aged for 18 months). Guided tours include a visit to the farm and a cheese tasting.

Faro de Favàritx

After visiting Subaida, head east to see the Cap de Favàritx. It’s here you’ll find Faro de Favàritx, a striped lighthouse dating back to 1922. It was constructed after many ships sank around the coast of Menorca, and it’s still functioning to this day. The lighthouse is closed for visits, but it’s still worth coming here for the views.

S’Albufera des Grau Natural Park

Watching the sunset from S’Albufera des Grau is one of the most wonderful sights in Menorca. This natural park extends for more than 5.000 hectares and is home to some impressive fauna and flora. It’s the heart of the island’s Biosphere Reserve, featuring a lagoon, dunes, small islands and many olive groves. Once you get there, you’ll notice three signed routes leading to wild beaches or back to the lighthouse. If you want to learn more about the area, you can request a guided tour at the Information Centre.

Cala Tamarells

Still on the east coast and very close to Es Grau, you’ll find the peaceful Cala Tamarells. It can be a bit challenging to get to this beach, so come prepared with proper shoes. It’s one of the must-stop locations on the Camí de Cavalls hiking trail, but you don’t need to walk it to visit the site.

Fortaleza de la Mola

Finally, make your way to the Fortaleza de la Mola. This military fortress was erected in the 19th century to prevent the British from reoccupying the island. You can still visit the old arms stores and walk through the secret underground passages. Outside, it’s hard to choose the best viewpoint, as all of them offer unique views over the coast.

Other things to visit in Menorca

Museo Militar de Menorca: Located inside 18th-century barracks in Mahón, this museum tells the story of the island’s military past. It explains the different occupations of the island and includes a collection of items, from guns to ancient cannons.

Top things to do with kids in Menorca

Menorca is the perfect destination for families, especially if you like spending time by the beach. The shallow water makes it easy for kids to swim around, and there are several hotels with swimming pools and plenty of fun activities.

As a biosphere reserve, Menorca has diverse sea life. This includes dolphins, sea turtles and sperm whales. Some can only be spotted briefly throughout the year, while others are more common. You could take the kids on a boat trip to try and spot these or go snorkelling and discover the smaller creatures of the island. 

If your family likes horse riding, you can book a tour and ride together along the coast. Younger kids can enjoy a pony ride in the stables. Other attractions include the Lloc de Menorca, a small zoo with horses, birds, reptiles and lemurs.Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the island’s water parks. Favourites include Splash Sur Menorca, Aqua Center and Aquarock Waterpark. Alternatively, you can visit Castillo Menorca, an adventure playground with a swimming pool, zip wires, climbing frames and trampolines.


Where to eat in Menorca

Below are some of the best places to eat in Menorca, where you can sample some of these delicacies.

Arjau Mao: Close to the Mahón port, this lively restaurant serves a delicious selection of seafood dishes such as paella and lobster cooked in several styles. Don’t leave without sampling the cheesecake for dessert.

Café Balear: Open since the 70s, this tavern has become a favourite for seafood lovers. Located next to the Port of Ciutadella, it serves freshly caught fish and seafood that they source with their own fishing boat. Order the typical lobster stew or try other dishes such as prawns, razor clams or creamy seafood rice. There’s often a queue for tables, so make sure to arrive early.

Bodega Binifadet: More than a winery, Binifadet also provides a restaurant. It’s the perfect place to sample the wine paired with some delicious local dishes, all while overlooking the vineyards.

Es Forn de Torre Soli Nou: Housed in a century-old building near the south coast, this charming restaurant stands out with its spacious leafy terrace. It specialises in grilled meat, but they also serve pasta and seafood dishes.

Restaurante Pan y Vino: Patrick and Noelia run this fine-dining restaurant that combines French and Spanish cuisine. The food is top-notch, as is the location on the outskirts of the Sant Lluís village. You could enjoy a meal inside the old cottage, but if you’re visiting in the summer, the terrace is the place to be. The menu is constantly changing, so you never know what to expect.

Smoix Restaurant: Smoix gives a contemporary twist to the traditional Menorcan cuisine. The restaurant’s industrial interior contrasts with the small outdoor patio and its cobblestone floor. Everything on the menu is fresh and sourced locally. You can choose between the tasting menus or order à la carte.

Seafood is a big thing in Menorca, especially the traditional lobster stew known as caldereta de langosta. You can find this dish in most restaurants across the island. It’s also common to eat fish meatballs, usually made with cod or scorpionfish. For meaty treats, there’s sobrassada, a cured sausage seasoned with paprika. Together with the delicious Mahón cheese, they make the perfect starter dish.


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