3 Night Escape to Champagne – Luxury Barge for 8 people

3 Night Escape to Champagne – Luxury Barge for 8 people


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See The True Beauty Of France Through This Special River Cruise Travel Opportunity

France is a country rich in history, unique culinary experiences, and natural beauty. You may have experienced a hint of its charm before, but you have not truly embraced the wonders of this country until you experience it like this.

Float through the serene rivers starting from Chateau-Thierry on a river cruise that has been expertly designed to highlight the beauty of France and cater to your every need. We have obtained these vessels for the exclusive use of luxury river cruises through France’s most iconic experiences. This means that these travels are private, unique, and customizable to the needs of you and your party. Join us as we explore what makes this river cruise experience so exclusive in a world of luxury travel.

An Ideal Luxury Barge To Experience France

Travel into a world of relaxation as soon as you step foot on our river cruise barge. This private luxury barge contains four cabins, a lounge, dining room, sundeck, and pool exclusively for your use.

In total, this barge can serve up to eight guests and carries six crew members. This high crew to passenger ratio ensures that your needs can constantly be met with quality service. The staff is also fluent in both French and English so they can assist you with true local knowledge. In each of the cabins, you and your guests will receive all of the comforts of home in a luxury setting. Ensuite bathrooms with full showers, wardrobes, armchairs, and personally controlled air-conditioning units are available in each cabin to help you easily adjust to your new surroundings.

As you explore the barge, you are also sure to notice the ways in which its design highlights the beauty of the French countryside. A gentle pastel palette of yellows, greens, and whites complement the natural hues of the country's landscapes. The comfortable and romantic design of the interior is sure to lull you into deep relaxation throughout the journey. Mixed with the gentle rocking of the barge, your nights onboard are sure to be restful and rejuvenating.

While there will be plenty of dining experiences on excursions from the luxury barge, there will also be exquisite culinary experiences onboard. Traveling through the fruitful areas of France allows for the gathering of fresh local supplies at every stop. Your personal chef will take these ingredients and create an onboard culinary experience that is truly reflective of the local delicacies.

While onboard, your every need will be catered to, and every moment will be filled with bliss, but this journey is not limited to our luxury vessels.

An Itinerary Designed To Create Lasting Memories

This luxury river cruise reaches beyond the beauty of France’s riverside shorelines by offering an excursion-filled itinerary that has been designed to provide you with a thorough experience of France.

Your experience will include a Michelin star-quality culinary experience. Once you reach the luxury barge, you will be greeted with an effervescent champagne reception as your journey begins.

An experienced tour guide will be available to you for every excursion. They are there to guide you to beautiful locations and tell you fascinating stories about the wonders you experience at each place. The excursions include the battlefields of famous wars, castles, renowned Champagne Châteaux, local restaurants, shops, gardens, museums, gothic cathedrals, and much more.

These excursions were hand-picked to provide you with high-class experiences that can not be found anywhere else. You can take this time to ask questions and learn more about each location, beverage, and meal, or you can simply relax and take it all in. This trip is designed to be enjoyed however you see fit.

You need not worry about transportation on land either. A luxury air-conditioned vehicle is available to your party at all times once you depart the barge for an excursion. This way, you can be sure that you will be comfortable and secure at all times.

If you want to take some extra time to enjoy the natural areas and beautiful paths near the river, that can also be arranged. Bikes are kept onboard for guests so they may pedal through the beautiful paths alongside the barge, especially in natural and scenic spots.

This river cruise is also impressively close to Paris, unlike many other options that tend to focus on smaller rivers and rural areas. The placement of this journey allows for you to extend your adventure through France by organizing a luxury stay in Paris after your departure from the barge.

This luxury travel experience is truly customizable to the needs and tastes of its passengers in countless ways.

An Offer That You Won't Find Anywhere Else

At first glance, it would seem that such an exclusive and luxurious river cruise through France would be difficult and costly to book due to its many components, especially when you consider that the entire cruise lasts for 3 nights. However, we have simplified this process and created a special offer for our clients.

This is an all-inclusive offer that contains meals, taxes, transportation to excursions, luxury JetVan, security driver, excursion fees, guide fees, drinks, crew, a personal chef, and close protection at each site-seeing location. With every aspect of the river cruise combined into one price, it is much easier to book. We manage every aspect of its function so you can simply purchase your tickets, sit back, and relax.

This offer becomes even more tantalizing when you realize that this entire 3 night journey packed with cultural experiences and gastronomic experiences is only €33,000.
That is only €11,000.00 a night with meals, beverages, excursions, private guides, security driver and bodyguard included!

Gather your favorite companions, loved ones, or even business partners and impress them with this unforgettable experience of France. Contact us to discover how this experience can be catered to your needs and to schedule your own unforgettable French river cruise.

The experience of a lifetime awaits you.


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Fly Privately & Stay at the Private Member Club in Paris


When you choose Par Excellence as your travel organization, you can be sure that your needs are being prioritized, and your luxury travel experience will be customized. During the entirety of your journey, you will have 24/7 access to a Par Excellence representative. This means every question and concern can be resolved immediately to improve your sense of comfort and your ability to fully enjoy your travels.


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