Hunting of Narwahls, QILALUKAT

Witness the Arctic’s Incredible Migration

Group Size: 4 to 6 Travelers

Dates & Duration: September 5 to 12, September 12 to 19, 2024

Difficulty: 3/5

Location: Melville Bay in Greenland, one of the Arctic’s

Are you ready for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. In September 2024, a unique opportunity awaits adventurers those seeking an unforgettable experience in one of the Arctic’s most remarkable locations. SEDNA Melville Bay expedition takes you to the pristine wilderness of Greenland, offering you a front-row seat to one of the most incredible natural phenomena in the world.

A Spectacular Natural Phenomenon

As September ushers in permanent daylight, a breathtaking phenomenon. The first open water leads form between the fast ice and the sea ice in the Arctic. This is the time when Narwahls embark on their migration, often in groups ranging from 3 to 5 individuals, and sometimes in gathering of up to 100, making their way towards Melville Bay in North Greenland.

A Journey with the Local Greenlanders

It’s at this moment that the local Greenlanders set out in their kayaks and tents, traveling by sled to reach the edge of the pack ice. Join SENA’s expedition, to camping alongside them, sharing their excitement as they eagerly anticipating the arrival of narwahls, belugas, and the awe-inspiring the polar bear.

Up-Close Encounter with Arctic Wildlife

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to engage in kayaking or diving, allowing you to observe these incredible animals up close. Join the skilled hunters of Kullorsuaq, camping under the mesmerizing midnight sun on the pack ice’s edge while waiting for these magnificent creatures to grace you with their presence.

Unlock the Secrets of the Narwhal

Beyond observation, this experience offers you the opportunity to converse with the local Greenlanders about their almost mystical relationship with the narwhal, an animal that plays a pivotal role in their survival.

Traditional Modes of Transportation

In Melville Bay, the sled, pulled by a team of approximately 15 dogs, is your mean of authorized transportation. The kayak, known for its silent approach, is your chosen mode to get up close to the narwhals. The journey from Kullorsuaq to reach the edge of the pack ice takes less than a day by sled, weather and ice conditions permitting. Accommodation may vary between tents and a return to our house in Kullorsuaq.

Embracing the Arctic Elements

Prepare to experience temperatures ranging from -10°C to -5°C. At Upernavik, we will provide you with all the necessary equipment for the coldest weather, kayaking, and diving, including boots, gloves, cold-weather comforter, warm overalls, complete diving gear (dry suits, mask, fins, and snorkel), and traditional kayaks.

Guardians of a Unique Tradition

The people of Kullorsuaq spend most of their lives navigating the ice floes by sled, deriving their livelihood from fishing and hunting while maintaining immense respect for their nurturing environment. They graciously welcome you into their world, allowing you to partake in their customs and share their profound knowledge.

Your Expert Guide and Interpreter

Nicolas Dubreuil, your experienced guide, and interpreter, will accompany you, facilitating seamless communication with the local Greenlanders and enhancing your understanding of their unique way of life.

A Deep Commitment to Authenticity

An Expedition to Northern Greenland requires physical, moral, and financial commitment. In these remote regions, meticulous planning is the key to safety and comfort for everyone involved. Our expedition is designed for a small, exclusive group of 4 to 6 travelers, ensuring an immersive experience in the traditional Arctic way of life.

Leave the Details to Us

Rest assured; we’ve got every detail covered. From flights and accommodations to food equipment, and expedition supplies, we ensure your comfort and peace of mind. With insurance and dedicated supervision by Nicolas Dubreuil, you can focus on making the most of this extraordinary journey into the heart of Melville Bay, Greenland, where the Arctic’s incredible migration come to life. Don’t miss out-reserve your spot today.

Dates to Remember:

Select from multiple departure dates in September 2024, each offering a unique window into the Arctic wonderland:

Select from multiple departure dates in 2024, each offering a unique window into the Arctic wonderland:

From 5th September to 12th September

From 12th September to 19th September


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