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About Our River Cruise Party Route

Enjoy time spent partying without missing out on traveling to stunning destinations. The beauty of a party river cruise is that the fun never stops, and you are constantly presented with new adventures.

Our designated luxury party cruise ship is scheduled to make its way through the Rhein River. The schedule is dependent on each river cruise. Sometimes the cruise will start in Amsterdam and make its way up the Rhein towards Frankfort. Along the way, a variety of stunning cities pass by. These include the beautiful river-side areas of Arnhem, Cologne, Koblenz, Rudesheim, Mannheim, Strasbourg, and Mainz.

This schedule shifts to include a variety of other stunning locations, like Worms and Dusseldorf. The exact order of cities in which the cruise ship docks depends on what date you book your party river cruise adventure for. Sometimes the river cruise travels in the opposite direction, and on our other river cruise the path is completely different.

This other option includes tours on the Danube River which includes lively locations like Budapest and Nuremberg.

This variation in locations is perfect for passengers who want to enjoy a luxury party river cruise multiple times without exactly replicating exact experiences. It also allows you to choose between different ports for the start and end of your party cruise by simply choosing to book your stay during specific dates.

Regardless of which schedule your cruise follows, you are sure to experience city skylines and lush natural areas. The views on the Rhine and Danube offer a perfect backdrop to a sophisticated and thrilling electronic music party scene onboard our luxury cruise ship. The views from the ship also offer an opportunity to relax between nights out and exciting excursions.
When you mix the beauty of river travel with a luxury cruise vessel and the best electronic music, you get a party experience like no other.






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