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Travel has always been our passion, and luxury has always been our standard. Organizing trips, seeking out the best deals, and choreographing multiple services has never been easy, but we know that our customers deserve excellence.

Constructing the ideal travel company has its challenges. Throughout our many years of experience, we have searched long and hard for partners who would meet our vision, goals, and standards. Some partnerships didn’t last while others helped our company grow. With each experience, we gained a better understanding of how we could build the perfect concierge travel company for our high-profile clients. As a result, we have established the best group of professional service providers that you can imagine!

The joined insight of our staff and service providers links us to over 36 countries. During our experiences in these places, we have immersed ourselves in culture, enjoyed local art, indulged in culinary excellence, organized events, and enjoyed unique products. We have learned many things through these unforgettable travel experiences. However, the most important lesson we learned is that customized luxury travel experiences are well worth the cost when they are expertly organized. We work diligently to build personal connections with, and provide individualized experiences for, each of our clients. The special care put into the creation of each unique travel experience makes a noticeable difference, as does our emphasis on one-on-one contact with our clients. At Par Excellence, you can speak to a professional about the services you are interested in, and there is no need to make a generalized online purchase.

Today, we are happy to share all of the insight we have gained over the years in hopes of helping more people create memorable travel experiences with exclusive aspects. We strive to add value to the lives of each and every high-profile individual who seeks luxury travel experiences with our partners and us by providing the highest quality services possible.

Our Values


Par Excellence was built on our core values. These values guide our company towards successful partnerships and support our overall goal of providing the ultimate luxury travel experience to our customers. They include:

  • Loyalty
  • Communication
  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • And Professionalism

A Service You Won’t Regret & Experiences You Will Never Forget!


These values have led Par Excellence to prioritize quality over quantity, to over-deliver, and to treat sales as a byproduct with valuable experiences being the true goal. Each and every one of these values are embodied in our magazine and website, where you will find the travel industry’s top-level companies and individuals. As your point of contact between these renowned industry professionals, we are proud to help you create your ideal experience. Join us through our email list and reach out with any questions you may have; we are happy to serve you.

What are Travel Concierge Services and How Do They Work?


Concierge services are becoming more and more popular. As people increasingly prefer experiences over tangible goods, modern concierge companies are rapidly transforming to give their clients world-class services around the clock.

It is understandable if you have never heard of a travel concierge service, as this is a relatively new concept. Concierge services are just getting established, but they are making significant inroads in all types of industries, from tourism to personal services.

A travel concierge is a personal travel assistant who plans unique travel activities for you, which may include things like arranging sightseeing or a guided tour. Getting to know the locations you’re visiting and offering 24/7 support while you’re there are also included.

Time is the most valuable resource for modern women and men. Your time is something you can never get back.

A luxury concierge is the perfect partner for helping you save time, as well as gaining priority access to private events. You get to access VIP events and unique experiences that other people don’t get to have. The range of concierge travel services that is normally offered is built specifically to the individual requirements of the customer.

In general, concierge services will assist you with anything that occurs between the time you begin your journey to your destination and the time you board the plane at the end of your trip.

In order to arrange their trips, an increasing number of people are seeking outside assistance. It is important for them to have immediate access to information, authentic local experiences, and a mixed of online and offline communication. The concierge’s job is to help customers during their travels.

In general, personal travel services include meeting you at the airport, taking you to your hotel, reserving accommodations, scheduling meal reservations, purchasing tickets, and escorting you to various events.

Par Excellence’s mission is to address every issue that could occur while you are preparing for your holiday and when you are on your journey. By using our travel concierge services, your trip will be much smoother, and you’ll be ready for anything.

A travel concierge offers peace of mind and security when traveling, especially if you are planning a private tour.

Your dream vacation will be customized to your every need and desire when you book with Par Excellence.

We help you save time by offering the most appropriate pricing alternatives, convenient locations, and effective problem-solving solutions. Room upgrades, airport transfers, exceptional dining experiences, private shore excursions, personalized tours, and so much more are all available.

Travel Agent vs. Concierge


As the go-to resource for sophisticated lifestyle travelers, the travel concierge has come to dominate the hospitality industry. Since the advent of concierge travel services two decades ago, travel agencies have largely been marginalized in the travel sector. If you would like to learn more about the various differences between travel agents and travel concierges, keep reading.

What Is a Travel Concierge?

In medieval times, concierge was a French term that referred to servants who made sure that palaces were always bright and tidy. In today’s world, concierge personnel have become highly trained, knowledgeable, and empathetic travel professionals. Since travel concierges are well connected locally, regionally, and globally, they are exceptionally good at helping travelers plan their trips.

We at Par Excellence are a premier concierge company with various partners all around the world. With the inclusion of digital technology and industry-friendly software solutions, concierges benefit from additional support. The concierge travel sector uses technology to better understand their customers’ needs and provide an improved customer experience.

The Main Advantages of Concierge Services

When it comes to client convenience, the concierge sector is always ready to go the extra mile. For concierges, knowing their customers on a deeper level helps them connect with them. Providing services in an inventive, value-for-money, and personally beneficial way is aided by client knowledge.

Until recently, concierge travel services had only been given to those who paid monthly or annual fees as members. Membership is not a requirement today. Pay as you go provisions are provided for consumers who prefer to pay on a service-by-service basis.

Customization is facilitated through services being supplied at the individual or business level. A niche exists in the concierge travel market for the affluent, time aware, and discerning customers. Those who pay the special membership fees get superb travel concierge services. In addition, the travel concierge industry has made unachievable solutions attainable by offering luxury services, which have raised the business’s problem-solving ability. With limited ties and support, traditional travel agencies find themselves competing with limited alternative services.

Difference Between Travel Concierges and Agents

A travel agent is a salesman who works for the transportation and lodging industries and sells transport and hotel packages on behalf of the industry. Once the package is sold to the consumer, the travel agent’s job is complete. Online bargains can be very alluring, and for that reason, it’s a good idea to go ahead and book a cruise holiday ahead of time. There may be no assistance offered to you, though, should things go awry.

To secure the perfect trip, make sure to book your cruise holiday through a travel concierge or a corporate travel concierge. Some concierge businesses own their own transportation networks or hotel chains.

One way to discover who is who is to look at the way customers interact with travel agencies and concierge agencies. A concierge will want to have a dialogue with the customer that will help create a strong bond. Priorities and what the consumer wants to do will be discussed. On the other hand, the travel agency will just try to issue the customers with tickets as soon as possible. Understanding and communicating on a deeper level will be difficult to achieve.


When you choose Par Excellence as your travel organization, you can be sure that your needs are being prioritized, and your luxury travel experience will be customized. During the entirety of your journey, you will have 24/7 access to a Par Excellence representative. This means every question and concern can be resolved immediately to improve your sense of comfort and your ability to fully enjoy your travels.


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