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An Exclusive Opportunity For A Party On A River Cruise Ship

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Welcome to Par Excellence Travel, where your travel dreams become a reality.

We strive to create connections that benefit both our clients and the professionals we collaborate with. Our relationships within the travel and luxury living industry give us exclusive access to deals, locations, and secret events that are otherwise unobtainable.

Sure, you could try to organize one of our iconic travel packages yourself, but it would come at a cost. Our discounts are exclusive to our relationships and offer those discounts to you to save time and money.

How do we do it?

We organize booking in gaps between providers’ standard bookings. This fills up open spaces for our partners and results in lower prices for our clients. Everybody wins, especially since a lower cost doesn’t lower the value of the amazing services provided by our professional partners. Our main goal is to create and maintain mutually beneficial relationships, and as a result, our sales are a byproduct from which everyone benefits.

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Imagine enjoying culinary delicacies and spirits that you can’t normally consume on any other cruise ship and standard cruise travel, dancing to music performed by some of the best DJs in Europe, and the next day enjoying exclusive private tours and wild adventures with like-minded people, electronic music lovers, young entrepreneurs and people who seek exclusivity.


Unfortunately, places are limited.
The ship can only accommodate 110 people, so you will need to fill the questionnaire before you are even given the opportunity to join us.

This party is a peer group – inner circle party, which means, for selected guests only!

An Event That True Electronic Music Lovers Can't-Miss

This party river cruise has been professionally organized to be the best travel electronic music party available. The featured artists were “hand-picked”, as well as the entertainers. Every day and night on this cruise has been constructed to be an electronic music lover’s dream. Progressive house music and famous DJs will fill the air of this exquisite cruise ship with music that powers the party!

The memories made on such an adventure will last a lifetime.

If you love electronic music and you want your festival bucket list to be complete, then this is an exclusive experience that you simply can’t miss. This party cruise is so professionally managed that even the guests are selected. The passengers are chosen by invitation only to suit the limited availability and to ensure that every person on board is there to make the most of this iconic experience.

About Us

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exclusive experiences.

Strong relationships with companies that are leaders in the world of luxury travel and entertainment result in access to exclusive experiences. The opportunities we have generated are unique, no amount of searching the internet would provide you with options comparable in price or quality.

Learn more about Par Excellence Peer Group Travel and our professional partners in the world of luxury travel by clicking button bellow. We look forward to organizing your next adventure.

Fly by private jet charters to arrive at locations quickly and efficiently. Get an aerial view of the event and surrounding landscape with helicopter excursions, and arrive at these VIP experiences in style with luxury supercars. Michelin-star restaurants and renowned clubs are scheduled to entertain you between your time at the event and relaxing on the beach.

What exactly are the focuses of these travel group packages?

We specialize in travel management for three major categories;

  • Romantic travel intended for groups of two to ten, with a focus on luxury and love.

  • Mid-sized groups of 10 to 20 people looking for travel experiences on high-end superyachts.

  • Large corporate travel that includes up to 180 guests and offers them a luxury experience on a private river cruise ship.

Mid-sized group travel

Romantic travel

Large corporate travel

An Exclusive And Secret Experiences Awaits You

PAR EXCELLENCE’s biggest parties will take place at different destinations every year. Sometimes these events will be organized on a land and sometimes they will be organized on a yachts and river cruise ships, but they guarantee new experiences for our raving fans regardless of their location. These renowned, invitation-only events will become the number one SWINGER and FETISH parties on the agenda.

These parties are also the perfect occasion for businesses like swinger clubs to make an impact during our exclusive travels, and to offer something extra to our peer group travelers who like to enjoy life in a manner that is discreet and safe from the public eye within this one peer group.

These prestigious events provide a number of opportunities for sponsors to partner with us to reach people with the same mindset in the company of their peers. All while partying in some of the most kinkiest desirable locations within Europe.

The PAR EXCELLENCE party is an specialty luxury cruise travel experience that includes visits to multiple locations within the Mediterranean and within Rhine and Danube river in winter season.

With the first party that we will organize from 3rd of November till 9th of November during the 6-day event, our PAR EXCELLENCE package will guarantee that your brand gets recognition by our passenger in attendance and that your club will be visited.


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When you choose Par Excellence as your travel organization, you can be sure that your needs are being prioritized, and your luxury travel experience will be customized. During the entirety of your journey, you will have 24/7 access to a Par Excellence representative. This means every question and concern can be resolved immediately to improve your sense of comfort and your ability to fully enjoy your travels.


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